Akai Pro MPC5000 - Syncing an Akai MPK and Reason

MPC5000 FrontEveryone wants more.  If you are lucky enough to own an Akai MPC and an Akai MPK, then you should know that these can be synced together using MIDI Clock.  This allows for perfect timing and instantaneous messaging between all synced devices and programs.  Check out the guide below on how to sync an Akai MPK, an MPC, and Propellerhead's Reason software.  Once you do this, beware!  The dangers of such unlimited potential may be hazardous to your health!


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Akai Pro MPC5000 - Performance Tools

akai mpc5000 mainThe MPC5000 not only features great tools for song and beat production, it's also a powerful live-performance instrument. From dirty, gritty, in-your-face distortions to wacky modulation effects, the MPC5000's effects engine could easily replace an entire suitcase of pedals and other effects units. On top of the effects engine, the MPC5000's Q-Link assignable controllers, sampling engine, and of course, the velocity and pressure-sensitive MPC pads make for an incredible live performance tool. In this article, we will showcase a handful of live performance tricks.

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Akai Pro MPC5000 - Using Q-Links to Sequence External Synths

akai mpc5000 mainMany external synthesizers and modules have parameters such as filters, envelopes, and oscillators that can be controlled by MIDI Continuous Controllers (CCs). You can use MPC5000 Q-Link controls to send and sequence MIDI CCs to control these parameters. You save a program with Q-Link assignments and recall them for later use.


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Akai Pro MPC5000 - Huge Chorus and Stereo Effects

akai mpc5000 mainFrequency Shifter is an effect that has been around for a long time, but fell out of favor in the late 1970s. Today, producers are rediscovering this effect that does NOT do what its name implies. A frequency shifter does not function as a pitch shifter; it creates a harmonic shift. In small does, using frequency shifter can sound like a nice stereo chorus. In larger amounts, the effect takes on more of a ring modulator character. This tip will enable you to use frequency shifter as a stereo chorus that will make whatever you put into it sound huge!

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