Akai Pro MPC Series - Synchronizing with Reason

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MPC5000 / MPC2500 / MPC1000 / MPC500 as Master, Reason as Slave

Note: Reason only accepts MIDI Beat Clock sync from an External Source and does NOT generate any Sync Out, so there is only one way to sync Reason with any MPC or external device.

Use a MIDI cable to connect an available MIDI OUT of your MPC (such as MIDI OUT A) to an available MIDI IN of your MIDI interface.

In Reason:

  1. Open Reason Preferences:
    1. Macs: Press Command + , or navigate to Reason Menu > Preferences…
    2. PCs: Press CTRL + , or navigate to Edit -> Preferences… 
  2. Choose Advanced Control from the drop-down box at top.
  3. Under MIDI Clock Sync, choose the MIDI Device Port to which you have connected your MIDI cable from the MPC. A green check-box will indicate successful communication with the interface's MIDI port.
  4. Close the Preferences Window.
  5. Go to the Options Menu > Sync > MIDI Clock.


On the MPC5000 / MPC2500:

  1. Go to the MIDI/Sync menu.
  2. Set Sync Out to the MIDI output port on the MPC into which you have plugged your MIDI cable (e.g,. SyncOut: A (Master)).
  3. Set Mode, to MIDI CLOCK.
  4. Set Send MMC, to ON.
  5. Press play or Play Start on the MPC. Ableton Live should now be playing in sync to the MPC.


On the MPC500:

  1. Go to the MIDI/Sync menu.
  2. Press Mode + PAD 7.
  3. Turn the data wheel to display Sync.
  4. Press the DOWN cursor.
  5. Use the data wheel to change the sync mode to Master.
  6. Press Play on MPC. Ableton Live will play in-sync to MPC.


On the MPC1000:

  1. Go to the MIDI/Sync Menu:
  2. Press Mode + PAD 9.
  3. Sync [F2].
  4. Sync In: OFF.
  5. Sync Out: A or B or Both (whichever MIDI input you plugged your MIDI cable into).
  6. Press Play or Play Start on MPC. Ableton Live should play in-sync to MPC.


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