M-Audio Profire 2626 - Multiple Profire Configuration

m audio profire2626 main3This guide explains how to configure multiple ProFire 2626’s for additional recording inputs. In this configuration, one device will be connected via FireWire as the “interface” (aka Host), and the additional 2626’s will be used as stand-alone A/D (analog to digital) converters connected to the “interface” (Host) via optical (aka TOSlink) cables.



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M-Audio Profire 610 - Advanced Output Routing

m audio profire 610 front backThe M-Audio ProFire 610 features an on-board DSP mixer, giving you an extra level of flexibility and improving the overall performance of your system.  This article demonstrates how the Profire's control panel can be used to customize your monitoring experience through a variety of output routing options.


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