ION Party Rocker Express - Frequently Asked Questions

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The ION Party Rocker Express has everything you need to transform any get together into a special occasion. Stream music wirelessly from any Bluetooth device to the powerful 4-inch speaker and use the included microphone to sing along. This article will discuss some of the popular questions about the features and functionality of the ION Party Rocker Express.


Frequently Asked Questions


What accessories are included with the Party Rocker Express?

The ION Party Rocker Express includes:

  • (1) Microphone with attached cable
  • (1) 1/8" (3.5mm) aux cable
  • (1) 12V, 2A Power Adapter
  • Quickstart Guide


What type of devices can I connect to the Party Rocker Express?

With two options to connect a device to the Party Rocker Express (Bluetooth and aux input), you can connect virtually any laptop, mobile phone, tablet, or MP3 player with Bluetooth A2DP (Audio) support or an aux output jack. 


How do I connect my device to the Party Rocker Express?

To connect your phone or tablet via Bluetooth:

  1. Turn on your Bluetooth device.
  2. Power on the Party Rocker Express. 
  3. Press the Bluetooth button on the Party Rocker Express to begin searching for your Bluetooth device. 
  4. Navigate to Settings > Bluetooth settings on your phone to find, select, and connect to the Party Rocker Express.
  5. You're ready to play!


Does the Party Rocker Express run on batteries?

Yes! In addition to the power supply, the Party Rocker Express can also be powered by (8) C cell batteries. 


Can I use the USB port to charge my phone?

Yes, the USB port on the front of the Party Rocker Express can be used to charge your phone or other mobile devices. This will even charge your phone while the Party Rocker Express is running on battery power.


Can I use the USB port to send audio to the speaker?

The USB port on the front of the Party Rocker Express is only for charging and can not be used to send audio to the speaker. 


Can I control the movement of the lights?

Yes. Press the Light Modes button to change the light show.


How do I use the Aux Out?

The Aux Out on the Party Rocker Express can be used to connect a bigger speaker or speaker system and expand your sound! Use the included 1/8" (3.5mm) aux cable or other compatible cables to connect the Party Rocker Express to a larger speaker (such as an ION Total PA Pro) to amplify the music, microphone, and effects from the Party Rocker.


Can I connect two microphones simultaneously?

Yes! Two microphones can be connected simultaneously. Use virtually any dynamic microphone with a 1/4" output. The Echo effect and microphone volume will affect both microphones. 


What does the Echo knob do?

The Echo effect creates a delay to add space and ambiance to your voice, for professional-sounding karaoke. 


My music is distorted. What do I do?

The music may sound distorted if the signal from the phone or other connected device is too loud. Turn down the output from the phone or mobile device to around 75% for a clean and strong signal with no distortion. 


I get feedback when using the microphone. How do I prevent this?

To avoid feedback when using the microphone:

  • Turn down the microphone volume.
  • Avoid pointing the microphone directly at the speaker. For the best results, keep the singer behind the speaker or facing the speaker at all times. 


How can I ensure a strong Bluetooth connection?

There are a few ways to ensure your Bluetooth connection to the Party Rocker Express remains strong and consistent.

  • Stay within the Bluetooth range. While you will likely stay connected to the Party Rocker Express up to 100 feet away, the strongest connection will be within 30 feet of the speaker. 
  • Avoid large objects standing between the Party Rocker Express and the Bluetooth device, such as walls or doors.
  • Disconnect other Bluetooth devices from the phone or Bluetooth device to avoid any interruptions to the connection.


Further Technical Support

Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own an ION product, or if you just have pre-sale questions, the experienced ION Technical Support Team is available to help!

Visit the link below to connect with any of the following support options: Online Community Support, Phone Support, Email Support.



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