Akai Pro MPC Series - Logic and Multi-timbral Instruments

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akai mpc multi mainBy using multi-timbral MIDI and Software instrument tracks inside Logic, you can route MIDI from multiple external sources or controllers to different instruments inside Logic. For example, you can send MIDI from MPC3000 pads to one instrument, the MPK88 keys to another, and the MPK88 pads to a third instrument in Logic if needed.

  1. In Logic Pro 8 or 9, select File > Project Settings > Recording.


  2. In the window that opens, under Recording, check the box titled Allow demix by channel if multitrack recording. Then close this window.

  3. Next, to allow a MIDI channel to be selected for a virtual instrument in Logic, click Track > New.


  4. In the window that opens, select Software Instrument.
  5. Check off the multi-timbral box.
  6. Set the number of tracks to match how many tracks you want to link to the new software instrument (1 to 16).

  7. Your new track(s) will appear in the sequencer window. Next, on the left-hand side of the screen, click the black arrow next to the track name for a selected track to display the track details (see Inst 1 below).


  8. You'll see that there is a MIDI Input option for the track.  This is because you checked multi-timbral when you created the track.


  9. Set the MIDI input for each track you plan to work with.
  10. Next, make sure you Record Enable any Software Instrument tracks you want to monitor.  Only Software Instrument tracks that are record enabled will play MIDI notes incoming from external controllers or sequencers.


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