Numark PT01 Touring - Frequently Asked Questions

numark pt01 touring mainWe all fondly remember those classic suitcase turntables of yesteryear: easily portable, easy to use, and a party wherever you were. Here it is again, but updated with all the modern performance enhancements that only Numark can bring you. The Numark PT01 Touring has a rugged case with a handle so you can carry it anywhere. It plays all your 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM records, it comes with a 45 RPM adapter, and it has built-in stereo speakers for convenient listening without having to connect external speakers.It converts any LP to a digital file, using the included EZ Vinyl/Tape Converter software and USB connection cable. Most amazing of all, it has a built-in rechargeable battery so you can enjoy the PT01 Touring whether you’re near a wall plug or not. This article answers your frequently asked questions about the Numark PT01 Touring.

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Numark TT250USB - Frequently Asked Questions

numark TT250USB mainpicHere is the ideal turntable for turntablists. TT250USB is a professional direct-drive turntable perfectly suited to heavy-duty DJ and music playback duties. Its quartz-controlled direct-drive motor delivers virtually perfect speed accuracy when playing back records, and its high torque motor provides the ideal amount of resistance and feel for scratching effects. This article answers your frequently asked questions about the Numark TT250USB.

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Numark NTX1000 - Frequently Asked Questions

NTX1000 MainThe NTX1000 gives you everything you’re looking for. It’s a no-compromise direct-drive turntable that has all the features and performance demanded by you—the professional DJ. This article answers some of the popular questions about the Numark NTX1000.


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