Akai Pro MPC1000 - Mapping to the Ableton Live Drum Rack

akai mpc1000 mainThe Akai MPC1000 is a portable but powerful version of the larger MPC series units. It not only operates as a standalone production studio, but can easily control Ableton Live via MIDI. The following article will walk you through how to map your MPC1000 to be used with the Ableton Live Drum Rack.


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Akai Pro MPC1000 - Using with an External Sound Module

MPC1000The MPC1000 is a powerful sequencer and sampler. The capabilities of the MPC1000 can be expanded when used as a sequencer to trigger external sound modules such as a Motif, Venom, etc.  This guide walks through the procedure for using the MPC1000 to trigger an external sound module.



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Akai Pro MPC 1000 - Syncing with Reason 7

akai mpc1000 mainThe MPC 1000 puts the classic MPC workflow and sound into a portable and affordable package. It can operate as a standalone unit or as a MIDI device synced to your favorite DAW. This guide covers how to MIDI sync the MPC 1000 with Reason 7.




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