Alesis SamplePad Pro - Frequently Asked Questions

alesis samplepadpro3 mainSamplePad Pro is the all-in-one percussion instrument that knows no bounds.  It is everything you’re looking for in a pad-based instrument and more.  This article walks through a number of Frequently Asked Questions abut the SamplePad Pro.






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Alesis Sample Pad and PercPad - Creating Bigger and Better Sounds

alesis samplepercpadAlesis’ popular e-percussion instruments come with 25 of the most requested sounds in all of popular music. But, did you know you can edit and customize these sounds? The following guide illustrates how to modify the internal sounds as well as sounds loaded from an SD card (SD card available on the Sample Pad only). Using these tips, you'll have customized sounds that are truly your own.




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Alesis Samplepad Pro - How To Optimize Crosstalk, Sensitivity, and Triggering

alesis samplepadpro3 mainThe Alesis SamplePad Pro is an all-in-one electronic percussion device which makes it easy . On any electronic percussion pad, all of the pads can hear the strikes made to all of the other pads. Because of this, playing harder than necessary will increase the likelihood of unintended pads triggering. As you get to know the Alesis Sample Pad Pro, you’ll get accustomed to how much force is appropriate when triggering sounds. This guide covers some basic measures you can take to optimize crosstalk, sensitivity and triggering.

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Alesis SampleRack - Frequently Asked Questions

alesis samplerack main2SampleRack is the open-ended percussion module for the modern player. In a streamlined single rack-space module, it delivers hundreds of professionally recorded in-demand sounds—and you can easily add more.  This article walks through a number of frequently asked questions about the Alesis SampleRack.



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Alesis SamplePad4 - Frequently Asked Questions

SamplePad4 Overview 1The Alesis SamplePad 4 is an all-in-one percussion and sample-playing instrument. With a built-in library of the most commonly requested percussion and electronic drum sounds and the ability to load samples, the only limit is your imagination. This article walks through a number of frequently asked questions abut the SamplePad 4.

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