ION Audio Tailgater Express - Frequently Asked Questions

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Whether before the game, or a fun gathering in your backyard, your favorite music makes it a special occasion. Tailgater Express makes these events truly memorable with great sound, thanks to its two-way speaker system and 20-watt dynamic power amplifier. You can stream your favorite music from any Bluetooth device or enjoy its built-in AM/FM radio. IPX4 splash-resistance means the good times continue even when Tailgater Express is near the kids in the pool or when an unexpected shower pops up. A 1/4-inch input lets you add a microphone for even more fun. With a USB power bank to recharge your devices, aux input for non-Bluetooth devices and a rechargeable battery with up to 50 hours of enjoyment on a single charge, Tailgater Express delivers big fun from a small package.




How do I pair the Tailgater Express to my Bluetooth device?

  1. Turn on the Bluetooth device that you are attempting to pair your Tailgater Express with. 
  2. Power on the Tailgater Express. 
  3. Press the Bluetooth button on the Tailgater Express, this will put the Tailgater Express into a Bluetooth pairing mode to search for other Bluetooth devices. 
  4. Navigate to your Bluetooth device's setup screen, find the Tailgater Express and connect. 
  5. You're ready to play! 


I'm having trouble pairing my Bluetooth audio device (i.e. phone) to the Tailgater Express. What should I do?

Most pairing issues can be quickly resolved by following the suggestions in the following guide:


How far can the Bluetooth connection go?

The range of Bluetooth connection of a Tailgater Express is up to 100 feet - as long as the transmitting audio source is not moving around and there are no obstructions between the audio source and the Tailgater Express. The transmitting audio device (phone, tablet) should not be emitting a signal from a pocket, or be covered in any way to achieve the best results. The range can also be affected by the Bluetooth chip set in the audio source as well.


How can I replace the internal battery?

If the battery within your Tailgater Express requires replacement, please refer to the following article for assistance:


What are the battery specifications?

The Tailgater Express has a 12V, 2.3aH Lead-Acid Battery.


How long does it take to charge the battery?

It takes approximately 10 hours to charge the Tailgater Express battery from empty to full.


How long will a fully charged battery last?

A fully charged Tailgater Express battery will last up to 30 hours at a reasonably loud indoor listening volume level. Battery life may vary based on battery temperature, age and on volume usage.


Is the Tailgater Express waterproof?

The Tailgater Express is IPX4 waterproof. An IPX4 waterproof rating means that the Tailgater Express is protected from a splash of water, from any direction for at least a 5 minute time period.


Can the Tailgater Express charge my iPod/iPhone?

The Tailgater Express has a USB power bank that is powerful enough to charge any type of phone, tablet, or portable music player when connecting to this port via USB.


Can I connect a device to the USB ports to send audio?

The USB port on the Tailgater Express is for charging devices only and does not transfer audio to or from the speaker.


The sound is coming out distorted. What is happening and how can I fix it?

If the sound from your Tailgater Express is coming out distorted, try lowering the volume control of your sound source - such as your iPod or iPhone. Also, try reducing the overall volume of the Tailgater Express.

If you continue to experience sound issues after following the suggested steps above, you may want to contract ION Tech Support.


I get feedback when I use a microphone. How can I prevent this?

There are a few easy steps you can take that can help reduce the likelihood of feedback. Check out the following article to learn more:


I am getting poor AM reception. What can I do?

If you have a Bluetooth device connected to the Tailgater Express, while you are listening to the AM radio, disconnect the Bluetooth device and the AM frequencies will likely clear up.

To continue to adjust AM reception, move the entire Tailgater Express. Sometimes, there is a slight operating noise around the 540 kHz AM frequency, but other than that, re-positioning the unit should provide a better AM reception.


Can the Tailgater Express be used in a foreign country?

The Tailgater Express can only be used in the country for which it was designed to be used. The Tailgater Express cannot be adjusted for use in a country with a different electrical current than it was manufactured to be used with.


I need further support or warranty service. Who can I contact?

Whether you are a customer or dealer; if you already own an ION product, or if you just have pre-sale questions, the experienced ION Technical Support Team is available to help!

Visit the link below to connect with any of the following support options: Online Community Support, Phone Support, Email Support.


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