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How to...

DJ 101: Setting Up iTunes

itunes logoWith so much music available to us DJ's, organizing our collections can be quite a headache. One of the most popular programs for this purpose is Apple's iTunes.  iTunes works both on Mac & PC platforms and provides us with a number of ways to save and organize our music. In this guide, we will cover some of the most common settings most of us DJ's find useful.


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Q and A

Pro Tools Express - FAQ

ptexp 3

Pro Tools Express is offered with select Akai Professional and M-Audio products. To help you get up to speed with all the details, we've put together answers to your most common questions.


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Setup and Configuration

Akai Pro APC Series - Modifications & Techniques for Ableton

apc40 web largeAkai Professional and Ableton teamed up over 4 years ago to start collaborating on the APC series. With may years of use by a large, and dedicated user community, the APC series continues to enhance the way we use Ableton. Users can find hundreds pages containing tips and tricks on Youtube, and other blogs, with suggestions on custom APC MIDI mappings in Ableton. And a few users and programmers strive to extended techniques from the APC series in bold and innovative ways by creating Ableton Control Suface Templates, and Max for Live devices that add features beyond the scope of MIDI mapping. This article will cover some of our favorite advanced APC modifications that users can find free of charge!


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