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How to...

Ableton Live - Using Multiple Interfaces

altAre you trying to record multiple instruments simultaneously but do not have enough inputs on your audio interface? Well, if you or a friend has a second audio interface laying around you can combine the interfaces and double the amount of inputs and outputs. The instructions below will show you how to achieve this in Ableton on a Windows and Mac. 

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Q and A

MIDI Interface - Unable to Connect to MIDI Driver on Mac OSX

m audio m-track mainWhen connecting your MIDI interface, for example the M-Audio M-Track or Akai MPC series controller, to a computer with a Mac operating system, you may sometimes face communication difficulties if you have previously had a DigiDesign product installed on that computer.  This article walks through some common symptoms and how to resolve those connection troubles that may occur. 


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Setup and Configuration

Akai Pro MPC Renaissance and Studio - Controling Instruments in Reason on a Mac

akai mpcren reason mainThe MPC Plugin allows users to transmit MIDI data from the plugin to a software instrument track in their DAW. For most DAW's that support VST, AU and RTAS this is relatively simple to set up. However, Reason, which does not support those plugin formats needs additional workarounds to make this kind of routing capable to control it's instruments. Sometimes it's realistic to have Reason slaved in Rewire to a DAW, that can then transmit MIDI to various instruments. Sometimes this is not practical because you don't have another DAW to Rewire. This guide will help you setup the Standalone MPC Software to transmit MIDI to Reason's instruments.



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