Akai Pro AMX - Calibrating the Innofader

akai amx mainA powerful controller for any performer, AMX controls 2 decks of Serato DJ with an intuitive array of faders, touch-activated knobs, and buttons.  At the very heart of the AMX is the Innofader crossfader which offers unparalleled levels of quality and durability that you just don't find in other crossfaders.  In the rare case that it becomes necessary to calibrate Innofader, this guide walks through the process step-by-step.




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Akai AFX - Serato Flip Expansion Tutorial

akai afx fliptutorial mainpicSerato's Flip expansion pack is a great tool for those using Serato DJ 1.7.1 and later.  With Serato Flip, you can record and play back triggered cue point information at any time during your set.  Flip mode allows the ability to edit tracks, extend intros and outros, breakdowns, transitions, and even make beats.  This article walks through how to use this feature with the Akai AFX.




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