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cue screenNumark CUE is an extremely powerful and flexible DJ software platform.  To get the best possible performance, it is very important to optimize your system.  Certain circumstances on your computer can cause symptoms including sound skipping, stuttering and distortion.  In this guide we walk through some essential tips to maximize your performance .

  1. Minimum specifications not met - The number one cause of a performance issue in CUE is a computer that is not powerful enough or does not have sufficient memory (RAM). The recommended requirements for Numark CUE and Virtual DJ can be found here:

  2. Overheating - Make sure that your computer has adequate ventillation and the cooling fans are still operational and are not being blocked or obstructed. Most computers will slow down the CPU when it starts to overheat, reducing performance greatly. Overheating can also cause your computer to crash or freeze. For a laptop, a DJ laptop stand is recommended to allow all around ventilation. 

  3. Wireless networking and Bluetooth - If you are experiencing a sound issue try turning these off or disabling them.

  4. ACPI battery - In some laptops this can cause latency issues. To check, remove the laptop's battery. If this cures the problem, disable ACPI battery in the Windows Device Manager. 

  5. ASIO Buffer is set too low - If you are using an ASIO sound card, please check that in CONFIG > Performances, Latency is set to Auto. Also, if you are experiencing an issue try to increase the ASIO buffer size under CONFIG > Sound Setup > ASIO Config. Keep in mind that you will need to restart CUE in between each change for it to take effect. Experiment and repeat until you find the optimal setting for your computer. 

    If you are not using ASIO4ALL or are using a hardware controller also be sure that in CONFIG > Performances > Latency is set to Auto and also try to enable Safe Mode.

  6. Out-of-date drivers, BIOS or firmware - It is important to visit the website of your computer's manufacturer and ensure that you have the latest drivers, BIOS, and firmware.  

    If you are using an external controller or sound card be sure that you have the latest drivers. These can almost always be found on the companys website. 

  7. Viruses and Spyware present on your system - Please ensure that your anti-virus software is fully up-to-date and perform a full scan of your system. If viruses are found, then after removing them reboot your computer and perform another full scan. Repeat until no further viruses are found. 

    Anti-virus software can have an adverse effect on slower computers. If you are not connected to the internet, turn this off temporarily while using CUE. Also, make sure that your virus software is not scheduled to perform a scan of your computer at a time when you may be at a gig.

  8. Out-of-date software - Be sure that you are using the most recent version of Numark CUE. You can download this directly from

  9. Unnecessary software running in the background - Manufacturers often install unnecessary 'bloatware' applications on computers that can cause performance issues. Removing these can free valuable resources. 

  10. Laptop optimized for battery life or power saving rather than performance - Go to the Windows Control Panel > Power Settings and make sure that your computer is set for maximum performance. 

  11. The skin has been resized or mazimized - On some systems, this can cause increased CPU usage depending on the capabilities of the graphics card and whether or not fast or quality resizing has been chosen in CONFIG > Performances.   

    Quality will result in better quality resized graphics but higher CPU usage as a result. Please either use the skin at its correct size or download and use a skin that better suits your screen resolution from (Available to registered licensed users only.)

  12. Basic Desktop Theme - If you are on Windows Vista or 7, try changing the desktop theme to Windows Basic. Right-click on the desktop, choose Personalize and choose Windows Basic in the list of themes. 

  13. UAC (User Account Control) - In Windows Vista and 7, this can cause problems and should be disabled. Here is an article on how to do this: UAC Windows 7

  14. DPC Latency Checker - This program can be used to check for performance issues with your computer. If your computer has latency issues (red spikes or high yellow), then LatencyMon (Windows Vista or 7) can help you identify the processes that are causing the issue.


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