Numark Mixtrack Pro II - Loop Selections

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numark mixtrackProII main3First there was the Mixtrack Pro and now Numark brings you the Mixtrack Pro II, a professional DJ controller with the industry's latest performance controls. This guide walks through how to use your performance pads as well as edit, create and utilize your loop selections when using Serato DJ with the Numark Mixtrack Pro II.



  1. The Performance Pads
  2. How Do You Select Between Manual And Auto Loop?
  3. Numark Technical Support & Warranty Services


The Performance Pads

The performance pads have three different modes to choose from:

  • LOOP
  • SAMPLE (S)
  • CUE (C)

To select a mode, press:

  • SHIFT + LOOP for LOOP Mode
  • SHIFT + CUE for CUE Mode

The LED will light up below the pad indicating which mode is active. When you're in LOOP Mode

  • The LOOP IN and LOOPOUT pads are used to place the IN and OUT points of the manual loop.
  • The RELOOP function will turn the loop ON or OFF.

You can set the Auto Loops by holding:



How Do You Select Between Manual And Auto Loop?

You have up to 8 loops per track in Serato DJ.  You have a choice between either manual or auto loops. You can choose whether you have 4 loops or 8 loops. To switch between Manual and Auto looping, click image009v2 (Manual) or image011v2 (Auto) onscreen.

You can also choose to have half or double the loop length in either manual or auto modes.  Press the 1/2X button to half the loop length, hold SHIFT + 1/2X button to double the loop legnth. 

Manual Mode Selections

Edit IN & OUT Of A Loop

The best way to edit the in and out point of a loop is to turn or move your jog wheel/platter on your Mixtrack Pro II.


Loop IN - Set's the loop in point (Loop is not active)

Loop IN - Adjusts the loop in point (Loop is active)

Loop OUT - Set's the loop out point (If the loop in point is set)

Loop OUT - Adjusts the loop out point (Loop is active)

Reloop - Exit Loop (Loop is active)

Reloop - Reloop (Loop is not Active)

Auto Mode Selections

Saving Loops

You can save loops in the next available free loop slot in the Serato DJ software. To do this, either click the image001v2 button in the manual/auto loop tab or click image017v2 on an available loop slot. Your loops are saved to the file and recalled the next time it is loaded. They are not lost if the file is moved or renamed.


SHIFT+AUTO 1 - Set's Auto Loop 1 Bar either ON or OFF

SHIFT+AUTO2 -  Set's Auto Loop 2 Bar either ON or OFF

SHIFT+AUTO3 -  Set's Auto Loop 3 Bar either ON or OFF

SHIFT+AUTO4 -  Set's Auto Loop 4 Bar either ON or OFF


Numark Technical Support & Warranty Service

Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own an Numark product, or if you just have pre-sales questions, the Numark technical support team is available to help!

Visit the link below to connect with any of the following support options: online community support, phone support, email support.


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