Marantz Pro Audio Scope SG-5BC - Frequently Asked Questions

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SG5BC MainThe Marantz Professional Audio Scope SG-5BC is the perfect complement for enhancing the sound capture capabilities of your DSLR camera or field recorder. Its small profile and array of accessories ensures ease of use in the field or studio and it can be powered by either battery or phantom power.


Frequently Asked Questions


What accessories are included with the Audio Scope SG-5BC? 

  • Windscreen
  • Hot-Shoe Mic Holder Clip
  • Tripod/Boom Pole Mic Holder Clip 


What are the best applications for this microphone?

The Audio Scope SG-5BC is ideal for upgrading the audio fidelity on DSLR cameras and field recorders with a 3.5mm audio input. It is designed to enhance audio capture for broadcasting applications, film or theater use, and recording in the field.


Does this microphone require power?

Yes, this microphone is powered via one (1) AA battery.


What does the switch on the Audio Scope SG-5BC do and what are those symbols?

This microphone features two selectable polar patterns - cardioid and supercardioid. Cardioid-type capture is one-directional and omits most sounds coming from behind the microphone. Setting the microphone to supercardioid will introduce a slight degree of background capture but with the added benefit of a tighter and more concentrated capture radius and superior off-axis rejection.


How do I access the battery compartment on this microphone?

The Audio Scope SG-5BC shaft unscrews at the center threaded seam.


What are the technical specifications for the Audio Scope SG-5BC?

  • Element - Electret Condenser

  • Polar Pattern
    • Tele: Supercardioid
    • Normal: Cardioid
  • Frequency Response
    • Tele: 200Hz–16kHz
    • Normal: 70Hz–16kHz
    • Impedance - 250Ω ± 30% (@ 1 KHz)
    • Sensitivity
      • Tele: -56 dB ± 3dB
      • Normal: -70 dB ± 3dB


    What are the polar patterns and frequency responsiveness for this microphone?

    Being a condenser microphone, when in cardioid mode, the Audio Scope SG-5BC will pick up sounds directly in front of it and omit most sounds located behind it. When put into supercardioid mode, the microphone will pick up some sound directly behind it but with the added benefit of a tighter and more concentrated capture radius and superior off-axis rejection.

    The frequency response for this microphone remains constant at around +0dB for the majority of the low and middle frequencies, rising to about +10dB at higher frequencies. At very high frequencies, the responsiveness will dip slightly around 20kHz.

    marantzpro audio scope SG 5BC polar


    What is the difference between the Audio Scope SG-5B and SG-5BC?

    The Audio Scope SG-5BC features an integral cable that terminates to a non-removable standard 3.5mm input and is powered by one (1) AA battery. The Audio Scope SG-5B features an XLR output and can be powered via one (1) AA battery or 48v phantom power.


    Further Technical Support

    Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own a Marantz Professional product, or if you just have pre-sales questions, the Marantz Professional technical support team is available to help! Visit the link below to connect with any of the following support options: phone support, email support.


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