Alesis DM Dock - Frequently Asked Questions

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alesis dmdock main3The Alesis DM Dock allows you to harness the power of your iPad to create a totally intuitive, customize-able, and world-class drum interface. The iPad offers wireless connectivity and access to a wealth of compatible drum apps—including the DM Touch app, created by Alesis to make the most of the DM Dock. Together they offer a level of total control and integration that no other system can match. This article walks through a number of frequently asked questions about the DM Dock.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which versions of the iPad work with the DM Dock?

  • iPad (4th Generation)
  • iPad (3rd Generation)
  • iPad 2
  • iPad

Does the DM Dock include both the 30-pin and Lightning type Apple connectors?

The DM Dock includes an easily interchangeable 30-pin and Lightning connector. 


Does the DM Dock work with the iPad AIR, iPad Mini, iPhone, or iPod Touch?

The DM Dock will work with nearly all iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch models. However, the DM Dock officially supports iPad Generation 1, 2, 3, and 4. Because of the size difference, unsupported Apple iOS devices will not sit correctly in the DM Dock. 


Will the DM Dock charge my iPad? 

The DM Dock will charge all of the supported iPad models.


What type of drum triggers can I connect to the DM Dock?

The DM Dock has 12 trigger pad inputs equipped with 1/4" TRS connectors. These provide full support for dual-zone drum and cymbal pads, triple-zone ride and multi-choke cymbals, and even acoustic drum triggers. All Alesis drum and cymbal pads can be used with the DM Dock. 

There is an additional 1/4" TRS input for hihat control which is compatible with continuously variable hi-hat controllers (like the Alesis RealHat). 


Can I expand the number of trigger inputs on the DM Dock?

The DM Dock has a "5-pin DIN" MIDI Input to accommodate any standard MIDI controllers including but not limited to other MIDI drum trigger modules.


Does the DM Dock include an app with drum sounds?

The DM Dock works with virtually any iPad music app that allows external MIDI control, including the free DM Touch app. Available at the App Store, DM Touch will provide a variety of sounds which can be dragged and dropped to build your custom drumkit.


Can I use the DM Dock with a computer?

Via its USB-MIDI connection, the DM Dock can be used with most Windows or Mac OSX computers to control any software that accepts external MIDI control.


Can I mount the DM Dock on a stand?

Using the Alesis Module Mount (sold separately), the DM Dock can be mounted to a variety of drum racks and stands. 


Will I have to buy a dock adapter to use my iPad 2, 3, or 4?

The DM Dock includes an adapter to accommodate the size difference between the iPad 1 and the iPad 2, 3, and 4.



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