Alesis Crimson Mesh Kit - Loading a Song to a Pad

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CrimsonMeshKitThe Alesis Crimson Mesh Kit is a five-piece electronic drum kit featuring exclusive Alesis mesh drum heads. This article walks through the setup process of loading a song to a pad and triggering the loaded song from that pad.


Load a Song to a Pad

  1. Press the Kit button.  Choose the kit you want to use.

  2. Next, press the MENU button.

  3. Press the DOWN button to highlight TRIGGER and press ENTER.

    alesis crimson trigger

  4. Press the UP button to highlight the currently selected pad and use the data wheel to scroll to the pad you want to load a song onto.

    alesis crimson kick

  5. Press the MENU button to go back to the main menu.  Use the data wheel to highlight VOICE and press ENTER.

    alesis crimson padsong 5

  6. Press the DOWN button until you highlight PAD SONG.  Use the data wheel to scroll to your preferred song.

    alesis crimson padsong 6

    Note: Songs 1-70 are rhythmic beats that begin to play when triggered.  Songs 71 - 120 are song patterns or single hits: if the song is a pattern, each time the trigger is struck, the subsequent beat/note is played.


Strike the selected pad each time you scroll through a PAD SONG to hear the selected song being triggered.



Further Technical Support

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