Alesis DM Pro - Compatible PCM/CIA Cards

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alesis dmpro flash3The PCM/CIA card must be a SRAM or Linear Flash Card AMD C or D series such as an 8Mb from Centennial or Pretec card. To load samples onto a card, this requires a linear flash card. The SRAM cards are just used for midi tracks and sysex files, but not samples.

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About PCM/CIA Cards


This document provides all of the current information about using PCMCIA cards with the Alesis QuadraSynth Plus, S4, S4 Plus DM Pro and QS Series synthesizers.

How to choose PCMCIA Cards

The PCMCIA Card, or PC Card, is an exciting new format for use in both computers and musical instrument products such as the QuadraSynth Plus Piano, S4 Plus, DM Pro, and QS Series of Keyboards. PCMCIA stands for Personal Computer Memory Card International Association, and is very different from the PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) cards used for years by companies such as Roland and Korg. The PCMCIA Card format can support large amounts of data at tremendously fast access times at substantially lower costs than older formats. Alesis uses PCMCIA Cards for both ROM and RAM applications. QuadraCards (or QCards) contain up to 8MBytes of both sample and program data.

The Alesis Sound Bridge sample transfer utility allows the user to transfer custom samples to Flash or SRAM cards from a PC or Macintosh computer. Alesis also offers 256KB and 512KByte SRAM card for program data storage. While it is possible to format SRAM cards using Soundbridge, due to their relatively limited storage capacity for sample data, SRAM cards are only practically used for program and mix data stored directly to the card from the synthesizer interface.

Flash RAM cards can be used up to 8MB of memory. Cards larger than 8MB may be used, but only the first 8 MB of data can be utilized. Flash RAM cards can only be written to Using the Soundbridge application with the card installed in the back of the Alesis synth. It is not possible to format Flash cards for Alesis synths in computer PCMCIA slots. Flash cards can be used to store one bank of mixes and programs, 50 sequences, and samples.

There are three types of PCMCIA cards:

  1. Type I cards are 3.3mm thick and are used for fast access memory storage such as SRAM or Flash memory.
  2. Type II cards 5.0mm thick and are used for I/O applications such as modems or ethernet cards.
  3. Type III cards are typically 10.5mm thick and are used for mass data storage such as ATA drives.

Alesis synthesizers use Type I cards only.

Alesis synthesizers support all Type I SRAM cards with an access time of 200ns or faster.

Certain Type I Flash Memory cards are also supported, including;

AMD C-series 5v Flash Memory Cards

1 MByte AmC001CFLKA

2 MByte AmC002CFLKA

4 MByte AmC004CFLKA

10 MByte AmC010CFLKA

AMD D-series 5v Flash Memory Cards

4 MByte AmC004DFLKA

*8 MByte AmC008DFLKA *Note - only plastic case varieties of this model are compatible.

AMP Flash - 5C Memory Cards

1 MByte 2-797262-5

2 MByte 2-797262-6

4 MByte 2-797262-7

8 MByte 2-797262-8

Compatible Flash and SRAM cards are also available from Pretec


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