Rane Sixty Four- Complete Setup With Serato DJ

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Rane Sixty FourThe Rane Sixty-Four mixer for Serato DJ is a plug-and-play 4-deck turntablist mixer with two USB ports, software controls and internal effects.  This guide walks through a complete setup with Serato DJ and overview of internal and external effects.





Installing the Drivers

  1. The latest product drivers can be found on the Rane Support page

  2. In the center of the screen, under downloads, select view all downloads.

    Rane Serato Support

  3. Find the Sixty-Four in the list of products and select the most up to date driver for your Operating System in the Drivers section. For example, in the image below choose the ASIO Driver 1.03f2 for Windows operating systems.

    Rane Driver Support

  4. Once downloaded, navigate to your downloads folder.  Locate the zip file containing the driver.  Unzip the driver installer.

  5. Run the Driver installer with the mixer connected and powered on.

  6. Once installed, restart the computer


  1. The latest product drivers can be found on the Rane Support page.

  2. In the center of the screen, under Downloads, select View all Downloads.

    Rane Serato Support

  3. Select the most up to date driver for your Operating System.

    Rane Driver Support

  4. Once downloaded, Navigate to your Downloads Folder.

  5. Run the driver installer with the mixer connected and powered on.

  6. Once installed, Restart the computer

Please Note: If you have the latest version of Serato Dj installed on your computer, when you launch Serato DJ it will prompt you to install the Drivers for your mixer.



DVS Setup and Optimization

The Rane Sixty-Four will allow you to connect up to four separate media players or turntables with control over serato using time code vinyls or cd's.  It also allows you to play traditional vinyl's straight through for the classic DJ experience. Decks 1 and 2 are typically used as the primary decks, and Decks 3 and 4 as secondary decks.

Before connecting any gear, start by making sure that all gear is turned off until all major connections have been made. To avoid any clicks, pops, or other noises when connecting your gear, the general rule of thumb is to power the speakers on last and power them off first before disconnecting any gear when you're finished.

  1. For DVS control, connect the output of your CD player or turntable to the desired Analog Input channels on the back of the Sixty-Four. Set the PH/CD switches as required:

    • For Phono Level Record players set to PH
    • For Line level Media Players set to CD

      The image below shows a standard connection with two DVS enabled, phono output turntables:

      Please Note:
      Some record players will send out at line level, refer to the user guide of that turntable for the appropriate configuration.

  2. For DVS playback, set the selector switches at the top of each channel to the appropriate USB playback channel for each Deck. For example: If connected to USB Port A and using Channel 1 for DVS control, set channel 1 input selector to 1A. If connected to USB Port B, set input selectors to 1B, etc. In the image below, all channels are set for playback from Serato on USB A. 

    Sixty Four Select

    Please note that audio and MIDI for each Deck will be routed to the correct USB Port. 

  3. For direct analog playback instead of DVS, set source selectors to PH/CD or Aux if using the Aux input. THRU will be displayed on the corresponding virtual deck in Serato.

    SixtyFour Thru

  4. If using a DVS setup, it's very important to make sure that the signal is calibrated properly. This will improve the responsiveness of the system. 

    To view the Calibration Setup, click on the Setup button in the top-right in Serato, and follow the guide below for calibration tips and troubleshooting:

  5. Finally, before playing out live it is always a good idea to ensure your system is running at the highest caliber. To do this we recommend closing all programs, and applications aside from your DJ software. This also includes turning off WIFI, Bluetooth, and any other processes that may be running in the background.  

    For more optimization tips, check out the guides below:



DJ Change Over

The Rane Sixty-Four is fashioned with 2 separate USB ports for use with two computers at the same time!  This allows you and a friend to mix together, or for an easy changeover between Dj's at the end of sets.

  1. Connect one computer to USB port A and one Computer to USB port B. Ensure that you have the proper drivers and have setup the Sixty-Four in each version of Serato as discussed in the section above.

  2. Adjust the input selector at the top of the chosen deck/channel to choose which computer it's using.

    Example: Decks 1/3 set to computer A will be set to USB 1A and 3A.

In order to changeover a deck that is in use on one computer, you must change the selector to the corresponding USB.



Effects Engine

Rane FX Setup

The Rane Sixty-Four contains two different types of effects.  There are those that directly control effects within the software, and there are those that only effect the audio signal on the output of the Mixer, using the on board effects engine.

The internal effects engine is located in the FlexFX Loop. This allows any combination of Deck 1, Deck 2, Deck 3, Deck 4, Mic 1 and Mic 2 to be assigned to an effect. The FlexFX Loop supports recording, cueing and Main Mix level control of assigned channels. There are six built-in effects: • Filter • Flanger • Phaser • Hold Echo • Robot • Reverb.

  1. To activate the on board effects on a specific channel you have to press the Flexfx button on the channel you wish to add effects to.

  2. Once brightly illuminated, you can choose from 6 effects

    *Note: The Filter, Echo, and Flanger have multiple presets that can be accessed by holding shift and then selecting the effect wanted by moving the joystick labeled beat..

  3. you can increase and decrease the level, depth, time, and beat sync from the section below the effects buttons.

  4. To turn off the effects, press the selected FlexFX button until it is no longer brightly illuminated.


Software Control

The Rane Sixty-Four includes software controls that will allow you to trigger effects within your software, as well as trigger a variety of other functions.

  • Control assignment
    Either side of the mixer has a Control Assignment Button. This will allow you to switch between which deck in the software you want to control.  This will change which software control effects are being added to any particular deck.  For example if you have deck 1 selected, and adjust the loop length, a loop will be created only on that selected channel.  To change control to another deck, press the control assignment button until the deck/channel you want to control is illuminated.

    Rane Switch article

  • Library Scroll and Load
    This will allow you to scroll through and select the songs you would like to load within the software.  By pressing tab on your keyboard, your cursor will be placed in the crate section and allow you to choose which crate you would like to search through.  By pressing down on the scroll knob it will allow you to enter the crate.  Once inside the rate, pressing down on the scroll/load knob will load a track to your selected deck.

    Rane Scroll 62

  • Auto Loop Controls
    This will allow you to adjust your loop/roll length.  To begin a loop, press on the loop button with your control assignment set to the appropriate deck.
    (Note:  There has to be BPM data added to the ID3 tag in order for auto loop to work).

    Rane Loop art

  • Slip
    When Slip Mode is active you can manipulate the audio as normal (e.g., Scratch, Loop, Cues etc.). However, once you have finished, playback is returned to where it would be if you had not manipulated the audio.  

    Rane Slip 62

  • Sync
    This will allow you sync your tracks together, Press the Sync button turn on and Sync a Deck. If Sync is already on, pressing Sync again re-syncs the Deck.Hold down the Shift button and press Sync to turn Sync off. (See Sync in the Serato Manual)

    Rane Sync 62

  • MIDI Triggers 1-8
    The Bank button selects triggers 1-4 or 5-8. The colored line on the panel matches the color of the Bank button for 1-4 (orange) or 5-8 (red). Each MIDI layer has unique mappings for the triggers.

    Rane Midi 62



Factory Reset

If you experience any difficulties with unwanted effects or other glitches with your mixer, there is a factory reset that will set it back to default.

  1. Power off the Sixty-Four

  2. Push both Deck 1 FlexFX and Deck 2 FlexFX buttons at the same time.

  3. While holding these buttons down, power on the Sixty-Four.

  4. Immediately after fading up, the FlexFX lights flash bright one time, indicating a successful reset.

To check the mixer's current firmware version, press and hold Shift then press Non PGM MIDI.



Further Technical Support

Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own a Rane DJ product, or if you just have pre-sales questions, the Rane DJ technical support team is available to help!

Visit the link below to connect with any of the following support options: online community support, phone support, email support.


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