SONiVOX - Mapping an External MIDI Controller from Ableton Live

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sonivox mainAbleton Live allows easy MIDI mapping of nearly any Live parameter to nearly any third-party MIDI controller.  But what about plugins?  Can individual SONiVOX plugin parameters be mapped to a MIDI controller while running in Ableton Live?  Absolutely!  This article walks through the steps to manually map a SONiVOX DVI plugin from within Ableton Live to an external MIDI controller.


  1. Open Ableton Live.

  2. Load a SONiVOX DVI plugin of your choice to a track in Ableton Live.

    Ableton Live plugin

  3. Notice the Device window that appears near the bottom of the Ableton Live interface in the Audio Effect area.

    Audio Effect

  4. Click on the Unfold Device Parameters unfold device para button button located in the Device Title Bar to unfold the Device Parameters.

    unfold device parameters

  5. Next, choose the Configure button, which will then turn green.

    configure button

  6. Now click on the parameter in the plugin interface for which you would like to map to your MIDI controller.  For the purposes of this guide, click on the Attack parameter in the SONiVOX Erhu DVI.


  7. Notice the Attack parameter now shows up in the Device window in Ableton Live.

    choose parameter1

  8. Next, manually map the Attack parameter in the Device window as you would any other parameter in Ableton Live.  To do this, first choose the MIDI Map Mode Switch midi mode switch in the upper right corner of the Ableton Live interface.  This will change most Ableton Live parameters to a purple color, indicating that they are MIDI mappable parameters.


  9. Click on the parameter of your choice - in this case the Attack parameter in the Device window.  Four small corners will show up around the edge of the Attack parameter indicating that it is the current actively chosen parameter.

    purple parameters1

  10. Move the knob or control on your MIDI controller to associate the specific knob or control to the chosen parameter.  A number will show up in the upper right corner of the parameter in Ableton, indicating that the parameter has been associated with a specific knob/control from an external MIDI controller.

    purple number1

  11. Finally, choose the MIDI Map Mode Switch midi mode switch once again to enter back into the standard Ableton Live mode.  Turn the mapped control on your external MIDI controller and you will see the associated parameter in the Ableton Live Device window and in the SONiVOX DVI interface move in real time.

That is how to manually map any parameter in your SONiVOX DVI plugin from within ABleton Live to a MIDI controller!  Map any parameter you like and enjoy!


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