Numark Orbit - Importing Multiple Controller Mappings in Traktor Pro 2

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numark orbit mainBefore we continue it’s important to understand the differences between the types of Traktor Pro mappings.  One type of mapping is a generic controller type; these mappings are generally included with the purchase of the hardware, and are supplied by the manufacture. Generic controller mappings provide basic control of the Traktor software.  In most cases what you see on the controller is exactly what you reaction you get in the software. Another type of mapping is effects based mapping; the effects based mappings offer the user a more complex and customized experience. Since these mappings alter effects settings within Traktor it is important that these mappings are imported first. These mappings also must be imported two times using the large import button at the bottom left of the Preferences window. Importing the mapping twice ensures that all effects and their settings are loaded correctly.

Now that we understand the basics lets go through one example using the Numark 4TRAK, and the Numark Orbit wireless DJ controller. In this scenario we will be using the 4TRAK for basic control, and the Orbit to trigger customized combination effects. It is important to back up your current settings if you wish to use them later. Open Preferences within Traktor Pro and choose Export from the bottom of that window you will want to be sure and check off any setting box you wish to recall later. 

Now that we understand the basics, and have made a backup our current settings lets get started.


  1. Download both controller mapping files.

    Numark 4TRAK

    Numark Orbit

  2. Unzip or extract the files to your desktop.

  3. Plug in your Numark 4TRAK USB, and the Numark Orbit USB Dongle.

  4. Power-on both units.

  5. Open Traktor Pro 2.

  6. Click the Preferences or gear icon in the top right corner.

    numark orbit multiple controllers 002

  7. Click Import from the bottom of the Preferences window.

    numark orbit multiple controllers 003

  8. First it’s important to load the effects based mapping. Locate the Orbit mapping file, and click Open.

  9. Leave the default Category boxes checked as below unless you have your GUI or layout setup for 4 decks. Click OK to import the settings.

    numark orbit multiple controllers 004

  10. You need to import this mapping twice ensure all effect settings load correctly. Repeat steps 7-10 to ensure this.

  11. Next we need to import our Generic mapping type which is the Numark 4TRAK for this example. 

  12. Still within the Preferences window select and highlight Controller Manager section from the left.

  13. At the top of the window within the Device Setup section click Add… 

    numark orbit multiple controllers 006

  14. From the drop down list select Import.

    numark orbit multiple controllers 007

  15. Locate the extracted Numark 4TRAK mapping file, and click Open. Should be wherever you extracted the mapping file to. Its important to add the second map in this manor other wise you will delete the first mapping we imported. Importing through the Traktor Wizard will also overwrite our original mapping and setup settings.

    *You will always use Add... > Import when adding a second controller. 

  16. Lastly ensure that all of your In-Ports, and Out-Ports are assigned to the correct hardware.

    numark orbit multiple controllers 008

  17. That's it you have correctly configured multiple controllers within Traktor Pro 2. You can now export your controller mappings and settings. This way when you want to recall this same configuration again, simply click the Import button from the bottom of the Preferences window and choose that file. 


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