Numark Orbit - Using as a Virtual Synth Controller in Ableton

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numark orbit mainThe Numark Orbit is a mappable wireless MIDI controller that allows the control of any software that accepts general MIDI information. The Numark Orbit Editor enables customization of MIDI mapping and LED coloring . This guide covers how to send Orbit mapping files to your controller as well as how to use the Orbit as a synthesizer controller in the Ableton software.

For information about the functions and general use of the Numark Orbit, visit this webpage.


  1. Sending a Mapping File to the Orbit
  2. Setting Up Ableton MIDI Preferences
  3. Creating an Instrument Track
  4. Mapping Parameters and Effects to the Orbit's Accelerometer
  5. Further Technical Support


First, download the chromatic mapping file used in this guide here.

Sending a Mapping File to the Orbit

  1. Turn on your Numark Orbit. Open the Numark Orbit Editor by double clicking the icon on your desktop.

    Orbit Ableton00

  2. Select File and choose Open.

    Orbit Ableton01

  3. Choose your mapping file and click Open.

    Orbit Ableton02

  4. Your mapping is now loaded into the Orbit Editor. Click SEND.

  5. You will see "Preset Send Success" on the bottom of the screen. The mapping file has been sent to the Orbit. This mapping file assigns the pads chromatically. The white LEDs represent the white keys of a piano.

    Orbit Ableton03

  6. Click File then Exit.

    Orbit ABleton04

Setting Up Ableton MIDI Preferences


  1. Open up the Ableton software and select Options and then Preferences.

    Orbit Ableton05

  2. Choose the MIDI Sync tab. Select the Numark ORBIT as your MIDI Input. Mimic the settings below.

    Orbit Ableton06 2

Creating an Instrument Track


  1. With your mouse, select Instruments. Choose a preset instrument then drag it into the track window.

    Orbit Ableton07a

  2. On the instrument track, set the MIDI From to receive on only MIDI Channel 1.

  3. Click Record Arm, indicated as the red circle. The instrument track is now activated.

    Orbit Ableton07ab

Mapping Parameters and Effects to the Orbit's Accelerometer

  1. Click the MIDI map button.

    Orbit Ableton07bb

  2. All MIDI mappable parameters will be displayed as purple. Left-Click on Rate and then press either the Right or the Left bumper on your Orbit. Continue to do this for any parameter. This will map the Numark Orbit's accelerometer to the desired parameters.

    Orbit Ableton07d 2

  3. While in MIDI map mode. Click on the volume fader of your instrument track.

  4. Turn the Virtual Knob. This is the center dial wheel of the Orbit. it is now mapped to control the instrument volume.

    Orbit Ableton009

  5. Click MIDI in the top right corner to deactivate MIDI mapping.

    Orbit Ableton07c

  6. Press and hold one or both of the Left and Right bumpers, while pressing any pad on the Orbit.  The parameters will change corresponding to your movements when shifting the Orbit off axis.


Warranty Information and Technical Support

Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own a Numark product, or if you just have pre-sales questions, the Numark technical support team is available to help!

Visit the link below to connect with any of the following support options: online community support, phone support, email support.

Numark Support Contact


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