NS7II - Crossfader Replacement

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numark ns7II main3The NS7II is the most responsive DJ console ever created.  Some parts of this controller have been designed to be user-replaceable.  This guide is a step-by-step walk through on how to replace the NS7II crossfader.




Tools needed:

  • 5/64" Hex key or 2 mm Hex key (Allen Wrench)
  • #2 Phillips Screwdriver


Parts List

  • Crossfader PCB (Part# TWPC07C04901) REQUIRED
  • Crossfader Screw (2 required for plate, 2 required for installing; Part# SC0305FIBI)  optional
  • Crossfader Plate (Part# MT113006001) optional
  • Crossfader Cable (6 pin; Part# WR112615062G1) optional

numark ns7ii xfader pcb

Please note: The Screws, Cable, and Plate are re-usable for your NS7II's crossfader.  The Crossfader PCB (above) is the only part that is required for a crossfader replacement.  Please reuse the Screws, Plate, and Cable.


Removing the Crossfader from the NS7II

  1. Slide the four channel sliders and the crossfader to the center position. Remove the four channel volume slider knobs, as well as the crossfader knob by pulling gently straight up. Removal of the round rotary encoder, equalizer, and gain knobs is unnecessary.

  2. Remove the seven (7) hex head screws from the top.

    numark ns7ii xfader 01

  3.  Remove the two (2) upper hex head screws from the front panel.

    numark ns7ii xfader 02

  4. Remove the two (2) upper hex head screws from the rear panel.

    numark ns7ii xfader 03

  5. Carefully lift the top panel from the NS7II, lifting from the front first, then the rear.

    numark ns7ii xfader 04

  6. Using the Phillips Screwdriver, remove the two outer screws on the crossfader. Do not remove the inner set of screws yet.

    numark ns7ii xfader 06

  7. Tip the crossfader toward the rear of the unit and carefully lift out.

    numark ns7ii xfader 07

  8. Carefully disconnect the crossfader cable.

    numark ns7ii xfader 08

  9. Connect the new crossfader, noting the orientation of the connector.

    numark ns7ii xfader 10

    Changing the Crossfader Plate

  10. Disconnect the Crossfader Cable.

    numark ns7ii xfader 09a

  11. Remove the inner two screws from the crossfader plate. (Note: it is advisable to not do this over the NS7II's crossfader cavity, as screws dropped into the cavity can be difficult to remove and could damage your NS7II.

    numark ns7ii xfader 09b

  12. Place the crossfader plate on the new crossfader PCB, ensuring that your cable connector and plate are oriented correctly.  Replace the inner two screws.

    numark ns7ii xfader 09c

  13. Reconnect the cable to the crossfader assembly.

    numark ns7ii xfader 09d

    Reinstalling the Crossfader

  14. Tuck the crossfader cable into the unit to the left side. Seat the new crossfader in the opposite way it was removed, starting with the rear, then tipping forward.

    numark ns7ii xfader 11

  15. Replace the Phillips screws. NOTE: If the crossfader seems to sit too high or is difficult to screw down, you may need to tuck the cable a slightly different way. The NS7II is designed to have extra room to tuck the cable in the crossfader compartment.

    numark ns7ii xfader 12

  16. Replace the top panel, lowering the front first side then the rear.

    numark ns7ii xfader 13

  17. Replace the hex head screws on the front, top, and rear.

    numark ns7ii xfader 14

  18. Replace the crossfader and channel volume slider knobs.

    numark ns7ii xfader 15b   numark ns7ii xfader 15a


Further Technical Support

Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own an Numark product, or if you just have pre-sales questions, the Numark technical support team is available to help!

Visit the link below to connect with any of the following support options: online community support, phone support, email support.






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