Mastering The MIXDECK QUAD: Using USB Cross-Play

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One of the best features of the MixDeck Quad is the ability to load an MP3 track from either USB port into either deck. This ability is known as 'cross-play'. Without this ability you could only load tracks to the deck in which the USB drive was inserted, making it difficult to plan out a cohesive, non-stop DJ set.
Another great feature of the MixDeck Quad is the ability to insert larger capacity external hard drives instead of just small capacity USB thumb drives. This feature can give any user access to terabytes of high-quality music right at the touch of a finger, with no computer needed.

How to use the MixDeck Quad's cross-play feature:

  1. Connect your external hard drives, thumb drives, or other USB media to the USB A and USB B inputs on the face of the MixDeck Quad.
  2. Push the SOURCE button on the deck which you would like to load a track.
  3. Use the PARAMETER knob to select USB-A MASTER, or USB-B MASTER and push the knob to confirm your selection.
  4. The MixDeck Quad will automatically scan your devices folders, and will load the first track from the selected USB drive.
  5. You may now use the TRACK knob to scroll through your tracks on that USB device instantly, even during playback.
  6. You may also push the TRACK knob and turn to pre-select a track during playback, and push again to playback the newly selected track.

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