Numark Mixdeck Quad - Internal Mixing with Virtual DJ

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numark mixdeck quad main3The Numark Mixdeck Quad is an extremely versatile piece of equipment that has many features for in-depth control of Virtual DJ. The mixer section can act as an analog audio mixer and also send MIDI information. In this guide, we walk through how to use the mixer area on the Mixdeck Quad to control the associated functions in Virtual DJ.



Internal Mixing Mode

When using this configuration the mixer section on your Mixdeck Quad will control the MIDI functions of the mixer in Virtual DJ Pro Full. This is particularly useful if you plan on using the Mixdeck Quad with video files. The volume faders will match up to the programs 1-2-3-4 configuration. 


Hardware Setup 

  1. Connect the Mixdeck Quad to a USB port on your computer. Avoid connecting to a USB hub. 

  2. Power on the Mixdeck Quad. 

  3. Drivers are not needed as this unit is class compliant. 

  4. On the back of the unit, set the USB AUDIO switch to PGM/CUE

  5. On the top of the unit set all of the mixer channel source selection switches to USB/MIDI. 

 Software Setup

  1. Download the Mixdeck Quad Virtual DJ Pro Mapping file here and unzip. 

  2. Once extracted place the Numark MixDeck Quad 1234 mapping.xml file only Virtual DJ Mappers folder:


    Copy the mapping file to the following folder: My Documents\VirtualDJ\Mappers

    Note: If this folder does not exist, please create it. 


    (For versions of Virtual DJ v7.0.3 and above)

    If you have a fresh install of Virtual DJ copy the mappers file to the following folder: /users/YOURNAME/Library/VirtualDJ/Mappers

    If your Library folder is hidden click here for information on how to reveal it: Easily Show the Library Icon in OSX

    If you have updated from an older version of Virtual DJ your mappers folder will be in this location: /users/YOURNAME/Documents/VirtualDJ/Mappers

  3. Open up Virtual DJ. 

  4. Go to Config and select the Sound Setup tab. 

    On a PC choose:

    Inputs: None
    Outputs: Headphones (Master 1&2 / Headphones 3&4) or (Master - Front / Heaphones - Rear)
    Soundcard: 4.1 Card - Mixdeck Quad. 

    numark mixdeck quad Internal mixing with virtualdj 1

    On a MAC choose:

    Inputs: None
    Outputs: Headphones (Master 1&2 / Headphones 3&4) or (Master - Front / Heaphones - Rear)
    Soundcard: 4-Out Card - Mixdeck Quad. 

    numark mixdeck quad Internal mixing with virtualdj 3

  5. Press Apply

  6. Go to the Skins tab and select the Virtual DJ 7 (4 Decks) skin that best matches your computers resolution. 

    numark mixdeck quad Internal mixing with virtualdj 2

  7. Press OK.



Further Technical Assistance

Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own a Numark product, or if you just have pre-sales questions, the Numark technical support team is available to help!

Visit the link below to connect with any of the following support options: online community support, phone support, email





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