Numark 4TRAK - Updating Traktor 4TRAK Edition and FX Bar

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numark 4trak mainThe Numark 4TRAK is one of the best Traktor controllers on the market. This guide will help you update your Traktor 2 Numark Edition software from 2.1.3 to the current version giving you all of the latest Traktor 2 features. We will also walk through the steps required to fix any FX Bar LED issues you may be having. 



Installing Numark 4TRAK Drivers

In order for the Numark 4TRAK to work properly on your computer you will first need to install the latest version of the hardware drivers. If you have previous drivers installed from a CD that was included with your 4TRAK, I recommend removing them and using the drivers below. Make sure that you remove drivers using the Driver Remover Tool that is included with the download below. This will ensure the outdated drivers are completely and properly removed.

  1. Download and Install the appropriate Windows or Mac driver below.

    v2.2.6 (Mac)

    v2.9.55 (Windows)

  2. Run the included Driver Remover Tool to uninstall any previous drivers.

  3. Run the Driver installer. Do not plugin the 4TRAK until prompted to do so.

  4. Once installed restart your computer to complete the installation.

Updating Traktor 2 4TRAK Edition

numark 4trak Update LED 001

Some Numark 4TRAK users have reported that they are unable to update their software past v2.1.3. If this applies to you then follow the steps outlined below. If you are a Traktor Pro user, or you're not having difficulty updating to the latest version of Traktor through the Service Center you can skip to Fixing the FX Bar LED's section below.

  1. Download and Install the Traktor Pro 2 Demo. The Demo will install over the current version 2.1.3 while leaving your collection, and playlists intact. Don't worry you will not be limited to only demo features as you have already unlocked the 4TRAK Edition, and this will carry over to the updated version.

  2. Once the install completes run Traktor 2.

  3. When prompted choose Yes to import your collection, and settings from the previous version 2.1.3.

    numark 4trak Update LED 002

  4. It should also authorize the Traktor Pro 2 demo with your 4TRAK Edition Serial Number unlocking Traktor Numark 4TRAK Edition. If it doesn't do this automatically you may have to open the Service Center and enter the Traktor 4TRAK Edition Serial number to unlock the demo. 

    numark 4trak Update LED 005

Configuring the Numark 4TRAK Hardware with Trakor 2

numark 4trak Update LED 009

  1. Open Traktor 2.

  2. Click the Preferences icon from the top left corner.

    numark 4trak Update LED 006

  3. Click Setup Wizard from the bottom left of the Preferences window. 

    numark 4trak Update LED 007

  4. Click finish to configure and close this window. The Setup Wizard will automatically configure the Numark 4TRAK for use with Traktor 2 software. 

    numark 4trak Update LED 010

  5. The Numark 4TRAK will now work with Traktor 2 software, but there are a few final steps to complete the setup. 

Fixing the FX Bar LED's

numark 4trak Update LED 003

Some users mostly on Windows computers have reported that their FX Bar LED sometimes stop working after relaunch of the Traktor 2 software. The steps below will fix those issues. If you are not experiencing issues with your FX Bar LED's then you can skip this section entirely. 

  1. Download the FX Bar LED Fix Mapping File.

  2. Unzip the file to a folder you can easily find later, I recommend saving to the Desktop.

  3. From the Traktor Preferences window click on Controller Manager.

  4. Click in the Device box, and select the Numark.4TRAK.Main, set the In-Port and Out-Port to Numark 4TRAK (midi).

    numark 4trak Update LED 011

  5. Click in the Device box and select the Numark.4TRAK.FX.

    numark 4trak Update LED 012

  6. Click Edit, and choose Delete.

    numark 4trak Update LED 013

  7.  Click Yes to confirm. 

  8.  Back in the Controller Manager window choose Add > Import TSI > Import Other...

    numark 4trak Update LED 015

  9. Locate the updated FX Bar mapping file that we downloaded from step 1 above. Click open to load the mapping into Traktor. 

    numark 4trak Update LED 016

  10. Lastly ensure that the correct In-Port and Out-Port are set to the FX Bar and not All Ports

    numark 4trak Update LED 017

  11. Now close the preference window and enjoy using your Numark 4TRAK with the latest version of Traktor.


Further Product Support

Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own an Numark product, or if you just have pre-sales questions, the Numark technical support team is available to help!

Visit the link below to connect with any of the following support options: online community support, phone support, email support.



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