Serato - Difficulty Connecting Your DJ Controller After Updating Mac OS X

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serato logoSome users have reported that their DJ  controller no longer connects to Serato after updating their Mac OS X. Not to worry! Sometimes making a major change to your computer (such as updating your OS or migrating to a new drive) can cause a few things to not act as you might expect. This guide will walk you through exactly what you need to do if you've recently found yourself unable to use your DJ controller with Serato because of a Mac operating system update.



The Symptom

You've recently performed an update of your Mac operating system. Your DJ controller is plugged into your computer via USB and you open the Serato application. Instead of connecting to your DJ controller and showing you your decks like it normally would, Serato acts as if no controller is connected. You might even see an error message in your Serato status bar saying that no compatible DJ controller is being detected. 

serato not detected       serato notdetected 3       

serato notdetected 2


The Solution

  1. Quit Serato DJ.
  2. Disconnect your DJ Controller
  3. Navigate to Utilities>Audio MIDI Setup
  4. Go to Window>Show MIDI Studio
  5. Click on your controller in the MIDI Studio window (it should be dimmed out) and click on Remove Device
    akai pro midi troubleshooting midi studio
  6. Plug your controller back in to your computer via USB and it should appear again in the MIDI Studio window. 
  7. Quit Audio MIDI Setup

That's it! When you open Serato again it should detect your controller as it normally would. 


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