Numark Omni Control and Stealth Control - Troubleshooting

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omni controlThe Numark Omni Control and Stealth Control USB MIDI DJ controllers offer affordable hardware control for some of the most popular DJ software titles.  In this article, we'll provide some helpful tips and troubleshooting steps, as well as covering answers to frequently asked questions.




Frequent Questions

I'm experiencing one of the following symptoms.  Is something wrong?

With these products, we commonly receive inquiries with the following symptoms reported:

  • Doesn’t connect to computer
  • Doesn't control software at all
  • Controls don't map correctly to software
  • I'm experiencing high latency
  • Controller dead
  • The controller doesn’t light up

Based on our experience, over 95% of similar inquiries can be resolved and the user gotten up and running. For the most part, similar symptom descriptions indicate incomplete software setup, rather than a true malfunction or defect.  Generally, the symptoms above can be resolved without the need for repair service, or installing firmware.

This means that in the vast majority of cases, a preference, setting, or option in the host software (i.e. Traktor or Virtual DJ) is misconfigured.  These software programs don't configure themselves, and the user will not get any audible or visual response from the computer or peripheral until the software is properly configured.

The guide below will help determine whether difficultly is due to software settings, a hardware defect, or other factors that can cause similar symptoms.


The Omni Control or Sealth Control is not lighting up. What should I do?

The Omni Control and Stealth Control will not light up when connected to the computer. This is normal. The LEDs will only be able light up once the correct drivers are installed (Omni Control only) and the included Traktor LE  software is completely and properly configured. The software must tell the LEDs to light…they will not light on their own.

  • To verify that the device is being seen by the computer…
    1. On Windows 7, Vista or XP, open the Device Manager
    2. Disconnect the USB cable form the Omni Control, count to 5, then reconnect the Omni Control .
      Does the list of devices in the Device Manager change, refresh, or flash (even for a split second)? If yes…Good, the Omni Control is recognized by the computer.
  • If the device is being seen by the computer, as described above, perform the following to get set up:
    1. Omni Control users: download and install the latest Omni Control Drivers. This product will not properly function if the correct drivers are not installed on the computer. The Stealth Control is class-compliant and does not require drivers.
    2. Follow the instructions in the following guide (also available on the Omni Control and Stealth Control pages at
  • If the device is not being seen by the computer, as described above, perform the following, then re-test as described above:
    1. Try connecting the controller to a different USB port on your computer. Not all ports are created equal. One or some of the ports on your computer may not be suitable for working with USB MIDI or Audio interfaces.
    2. Try a different USB cable. Cables do occasionally go bad, so it is a good idea to rule this out as a potential cause. Borrow your printer's USB cable to test with.
    3. Try disconnecting any other USB devices from your computer except for your keyboard and mouse. If you're planning to use USB audio interface along with your Total Control, leave that connected too.
    4. If a Logitech USB Camera is, or has been in use on the same computer, this driver will conflict with other plug and play USB Audio or MIDI devices. Please contact the Numark Technical Support department who can help get you up and running!
    5. If the connection test above still indicates the device is not being seen, you can try connecting the Omni Control to a different computer (remember, no software needs to be installed, and it will only take about 30 seconds) to help determine the cause.
    6. If you are still experiencing difficulty, please contact the Numark Support team for assistance.


My Omni Control or Stealth Control is not responding.  The two LEDs next to the MID knobs are lit.  What should I do?  

If both LEDs next to the MID knobs light up when no programs are running on your computer, your Omni Control or Stealth Control is in Firmware Update Mode.

For additional information about Firmware, see below.

What is firmware update mode?

  • If no programs are running on your computer your Omni Control or Stealth Control should not light up when connected via USB.
  • If both LEDs next to the MID knobs light up when no programs are running on your computer, your Omni Control or Stealth Control is in Firmware Update Mode.

What shoud I do?

Your controller could be in Firmware Update Mode because of a hardware failure (that requires service), or because the user performed a wipe (intentionally or unintentionally).

If your controller is in Firmware Update Mode, this means that either...

  1. The controller's installed firmware has somehow been erased. This may be able to be resolved without repair service.
  2. A hardware failure of some kind has occurred.  This will require repair service.

Contact Numark Technical Support

  • Numark Technical Support can help determine if service is required, and may be able to resolve your symptoms without the need for service.
  • You may be provided firmware installation files.  This is the last potential remedy Numark will prescribe to determine if your symptom can be resolved without service.
  • However, if a hardware failure has occurred which either caused the symptom, or which prevents reinstallation from occurring successfully, the product will require service at a qualified repair center.  Numark can refer you to a qualified service center if needed.


Important Tips

  • The Omni Control and Stealth Control will not light up when connected to the computer. This is normal. The LEDs will only be able light up once the Traktor or Virtual DJ software is completely and properly configured. The software must tell the LEDs to light…they will not light on their own. Lighting up is the last thing you'll see once all setup is complete. See above.

  • The Omni Control requires drivers to connect to the computer. If the drivers aren't properly installed or up-to-date, the symptoms above could occur. Download the latest drivers here.

  • The Stealth Control is class-compliant, and doesn't require drivers to connect to the computer.

  • For dual-stereo audio output to function, the Omni Control requires a USB 2.0 port. If connected to a USB 1.1 port, only one stereo output channel will be available.

  • Other factors can prevent the Omni Control or Stealth Control from connecting to, or operating correctly with the computer:

    • Poor USB communication – A bad port, or the use of USB Hub or USB extension cables can cause the symptoms above. Remove hubs, try a different USB different port, cable, or computer.

    • Logitech Camera Driver Conflict – if you’ve ever connected one of these web-cams to your Windows PC you’ll have trouble using USB audio or MIDI devices. Contact Numark Tech Support for help with this.

    • Missing or corrupted Windows or Mac OSX files – class-compliant products like the Stealth Control use drivers built in to the Windows and Mac OS. If these files are missing or corrupted, the product won’t function as expected. Numark Technical Support can help diagnose and repair this symptom. This can also affect the Omni Control. Of the potential causes for difficulty described in this article, this is the least likely. All other potential causes should be ruled out first.


Firmware Installation and Updates

The feature sets of the Omni Control and Stealth Control hardware controllers have not be changed over time via Firmware updates.

Updating the firmware on is not a normal part of the user experience, and most users will never need to perform an update. No updates have been released which add features or improve operation.

Generally users will look for a firmware update for their product for one of two reasons:

  1. They are hoping that a firmware update will add additional features or functionality to their product.
  2. They are experiencing some difficulty or symptom that they are hoping will be resolved by updating or reinstalling the firmware on their product.


CAUTION: your controller must have a working valid connection to your computer in order to to install firmware.  Do not attempt to erase or install firmware if your controller is not fully recognized by your computer.  If your controller is not recognized by the computer, you will be unable to successfully update firmware from that computer (you will be stuck).

  • Reinstalling the firmware is NEVER a troubleshooting measure for any of the symptoms above.

  • Many symptoms will actually prevent a firmware installation from succeeding, and could leave you stuck without a means to reinstall your firmware once you have wiped it.

  • Updating your firmware can be difficult, and indeed presents some risk. If the update process does not complete successfully, your product could be left non-functional with no installed firmware.

  • It is strongly recommended that you do not unnecessarily attempt a firmware update.


Because of this, it is recommended that users do not attempt to reinstall firmware unless recommended to do so by Numark Technical Support. This is intended to help discourage unnecessary updates, and avoid unneeded frustration, especially for new users.

  • If all other common, or potential causes of a symptom can be ruled out, Numark Technical Support may prescribe reinstalling the firmware as a last step to determining whether or not a hardware failure has occurred.
  • Wiping the firmware will not cause a hardware failure. However, if your computer isn't setup to connect with the controller, you'll not be able to reinstall the firmware yourself if needed.  Also, if you were experiencing symptoms prior to wiping the firmware, this could indicate a hardware problem.
  • Firmware reinstallation will neither repair nor cause a hardware failure.
  • Installing an older firmware version (for the correct product) will not cause the controller to cease functioning.
  • Attempting to install the firmware from a different product can render the controller inoperable, may require service at a qualified repair center, and may cause permanent damage to your product.
  • If your product indeed has a hardware failure, Numark Technical Support can help you determine this, and can refer you for service if required.  

 Firmware installation files:


Further Support

Visit the link below to connect with any of the following support options: online community support, phone support, email support.








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