M-Audio Code Series - Setup with Ableton Live, Hybrid 3, and Loom

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M-Audio presents its Code Series keyboard controllers, a family of three full-featured models, combining all of the production power and performance you need to get the most from your music software and MIDI gear.  This guide walks through how to obtain, download, and install the included Ableton, Hybrid 3, and Loom software.


  1. Registration
  2. Hybrid 3 and Loom Software Installation
  3. Ableton Live Lite Setup
  4. Choosing a Plugin Folder
  5. Further Technical Support

  1. Registration

    1. Launch your web browser, and go to http://maudio.com/

    2. Scroll to the top of the page, and on the right it says Account, select Sign in or Create new account to login to or create your account.

      m audio code create

    3. After your account has been accessed, you will be presented with a page that says My Order History,Register Product, Edit Profile and Change Password

      m audio code account

    4. We will want to select Register Product to register.

    5. Next, you will be presented with a screen to enter your information and register your controller.

      m audio code enter reg

    6. Select the Code series that you have from the drop-down menu.

    7. Make sure you enter the serial number exactly as it appears on the bottom of your controller. 

      Important: Neglecting the "(21)" and failing to capitalize the "A" will result in a rejected serial number.

    8. Include your purchase date and, then select Register Product to complete the registration.


Hybrid and Loom Software Installation

After successfully registering the controller, you will be presented with the serial numbers and download links for Hybrid 3, and Wobble.

    1. To install Loom, select Loom PC (select Loom [Mac] if on a Mac). 

      m audio code soft down

    2. On a Mac, the download will be one single file.  Simply run the installation file to begin.  

      On a Windows computer you will want to right-click on the downloaded file and select Extract.  Once extracted, the files will be shown as in the image below.

      Note: If you do not have an Extract option when you right click on a Windows computer, here is a link to a great free unzipping program that we recommend installing.

    3. After the files are extracted, select the Loom setup file to run the setup.

      m audio code loom zip

    4. Follow all of the prompts to proceed with the installation.

    5. To authorize Hybrid, navigate to your DAW of choice and open the program.  To open the Loom Authorizer, it needs to be scanned in your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). Some programs like Pro Tools scan automatically while it opens.  Other DAWs require the correct file path to be added before it will scan a new plugin.

    6. On a Windows computer, the default installation location for both the 32-bit and 64-bit VST plugin is:  C:\Program Files (x86)\Steinberg.  

      On a Mac, the default VST installation location is \Library\Audio\Plug-ins\VST and the default AU installation location is \Library\Audio\Plug-ins\Components

    7. When scanned it will trigger an authorization window..

      m audio code loom activ

    8. Hit Activate and use the code that is in your M-Audio account from the same location you choose to download this from and enter it into the form.

      m audio loom code

    9. Repeat these steps to download and authorize Loom.

    10. Congratulations, you've successfully downloaded and installed Hybrid 3 and Wobble!


 Ableton Live Lite Software Setup

    1. On the Code, press the Edit button to enter the Edit Mode

    2. Hold SHIFT and press the key labeled "MACKIE/HUI" until the screen reads "MACKIE"

    3. Press each MODE button (fader, button, encoder) until the button is lit green. Your keyboard is now in Mackie Mode.

    4. Open Ableton Live 9 Lite.

    5. Navigate to the Preferences menu by making the following selections - 

      Select Live > Preferences
      or use the key command shortcut - [Command + comma]

      Select Options > Preferences
      or use the key command shortcut - [Control + comma]

    6. Click on the MIDI Sync tab that is on the left side column.

      Screen Shot 05 31 16 at 03.51 PM

    7. Here you will choose from the top drop down menus for Input, Output and Control Surface.  Select the code series that you have.

    8. Choose Code 25 (Port 3)  for transport control.

    9. Now from the bottom portion of this same screen under MIDI Ports locate the Input for Code. Turn on Track and Remote and Sync as it shows in the picture above.

    10. Exit the Preferences menu. The transport controls, knobs, and faders of the Code will now be mapped out to Ableton. 

Choosing a Plugin Folder

Most DAWS will not load your VST plugins automatically. In order to access 3rd party VST plugins with Ableton, you will need to choose a plugin folder for the software to scan. For the purposes of this article we will be focusing on the included SONiVOX Twist. The default installation will store Twist in the following locations - 

C:\Program Files (x86)\VST

Macintosh HD\Library\Audio\Plugins\VST

To set your plugin folder in Ableton -

    1. Go to the Preferences menu. 

    2. Select the File Folder tab. 

      m-audio oxygen ableton 6

    3. Under Plugin-In Sources click Browse and select the appropriate plugin folder. 

      m-audio oxygen ableton 7

      After making your selection, the Use VST Custom Plug-In Folder button should now be ON. If it is not, click it.

    4. Exit the Preferences menu. 



Further Product Support

Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own an M-Audio product, or if you just have pre-sales questions, the M-Audio technical support team is available to help!

Visit the link below to connect with any of the following support options: online community support, phone support, email support.


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