ION Audio Air LP - Troubleshooting Connections to Bluetooth Speakers

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air lp mainION Audio Air LP can send the sound from your records wirelessly to any Bluetooth speaker. There are lots of different Bluetooth speakers out there so we want to make sure that you don't have difficulty pairing Air LP to any of them. This guide offers troubleshooting steps that may help if you are having trouble pairing Air LP to your Bluetooth speaker.


Troubleshooting Bluetooth Connections with your Bluetooth Speaker


  • Observe the Air LP LED status lights
    1. LED OFF indicates that Air LP is not actively pairing but will reconnect to a previously known speaker at power up
    2. LED blinking continuously indicates that Air LP is actively pairing to a Bluetooth speaker
    3. LED solid blue indicates that Air LP is succesfully paired with a Bluetooth speaker

If you observe LED behavior that is NOT listed above, we recommend contacting ION technical support so they can assist you.


  • Move Air LP closer to your Bluetooth speaker
    1. Turn off both the speaker and turntable.
    2. Turn them both back on then move it close to each other preferably not over 30 feet (9.1m).
    3. Attempt to pair them again while they're close to each other.

  • Make sure you have no other Bluetooth speakers powered on and in range of Air LP
    Air LP attempts to pair with the strongest and closest Bluetooth device available. To ensure that Air LP pairs with your desired Bluetooth speaker, make sure all other nearby Bluetooth devices are turned off.

  • Check that you are using a Bluetooth speaker and not another type of wireless speaker
    There are different methods of streaming audio wirelessly. It is important to make sure that the speaker you are attempting to pair with Air LP is Bluetooth compatible. Some systems such as Apple TV and SONOSĀ® use non-Bluetooth technology to stream audio. These products will not pair with Air LP. 


  • Give Air LP enough time to pair to your speaker
    Distance, wireless interference, and signal strength can all affect how long it takes Air LP to pair with your speaker. Occasionally, it may take a few minutes for the pairing process to complete, especially if you're pairing to a new speaker. Give Air LP enough time to pair and pay attention to the LED status light. 
  • Power cycle Air LP and your speaker

Some Bluetooth speakers only enter pairing mode for a limited time when they're powered on. Try turning both Air LP and your speaker OFF and then ON again before trying to pair


  • Make sure you are following the directions for your speaker
    As mentioned above, some Bluetooth speakers enter pairing mode as soon as they are turned on, but others may require you to press a "pairing" button or more. For more information please reference the manual for your Bluetooth speaker. 


Further Technical Support

Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own a ION product, or if you just have pre-sales questions, the experienced ION technical support team is available to help!

Visit the link below to connect with any of the following support options: online community support, phone support, email support.


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