Exporting Individual Songs from a Long Recording in Audacity

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Audacity3The EZ Vinyl Tape Converter software is an effective and easy way to convert tapes and LPs to MP3. However, if a recording has a large amount of silence or none at all, either too many or too few individual tracks will be created. This guide covers how to manually export individual songs from a master recording in Audacity. 

For how to download, install, and set up Audacity, click here.


Loading a Long Recording

  1. Before recording in EZ Vinyl, make sure the Split recording into tracks box is unchecked.

    ion audacity selection 2

  2. Record an entire side of a tape or LP and finish the recording.

  3. Open Audacity. 

  4. Select File -> Open

    ion audacity selection 9

  5. Select the recording.

Exporting Selections

  1. Find the start and end point of the track you would like to export.

  2. Click and drag to select this section.

    ion audacity selection 8

  3. Go to File -> Export Selection.

    ion audacity selection 5

  4. Repeat for each track of the recording!

Further Audacity Support

For more information and help with Audacity please visit: http://audacity.sourceforge.net/


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