ION Audio Explorer Outback - Replacing the Battery and Improving Battery Life

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The rugged, weather resistant ION Audio Explorer Outback comes with a 100-hour, user-replaceable rechargeable battery. If the battery stops charging and the unit will no longer power on, chances are the battery may simply need to be replaced. This guide will walk you through the process without any need to bring it to a professional, as well as offer tips on maintaining and extending the life of your battery.






The battery indicator continues to flash on my Explorer Outback. Is there a problem with the battery?

Don't worry the battery is fine! The battery indicator will flash as long as the speaker is plugged in to indicate that it's receiving a charge. This does not indicate that the battery needs to be replaced. In fact, you can leave the speaker plugged in when not in use and it will never damage the battery. It is not possible to over-charge the battery.

If you need a reading on the battery level, simply unplug the speaker from the wall. The battery will be fully charged in approximately 6 - 8 hours. 



How do I know if the battery needs to be replaced?

The battery may need to be replaced if the Explorer Outback will not remain powered when unplugged after charging. In most cases, you may notice the battery life begin to diminish or there will be no charge after leaving the speaker to charge for more than 8 hours.

The most common cause for a failing battery is leaving the battery without charge for an extended period of time. This means draining the battery to low or no charge, and not recharging for up to 6 months. This can cause permanent damage to the battery. 

Before you determine if the battery needs to be replaced:

  • Ensure that the outlet used to charge the speaker is functional. The battery indicator lights on the Explorer should start to flash when it receives power.
  • Leave the speaker charging for 8 hours or longer.
  • Ensure that the speaker will no longer power on when disconnected from charging. This includes significant drops in battery level as indicated by the battery indicator on the back, or no power to the speaker at all. This should be after a full 8-hour charge. 

If your Explorer Outback is experiencing these symptoms, follow the rest of the guide for instructions on replacing the battery. If not, please see our tips section below for tips on properly charging and caring for your battery.



What replacement battery do I need and where can I purchase one for the Explorer Outback

The Explorer Outback uses a 12v, 7AH Lead-Acid battery. They can be easily found locally or online. To help save you time, we've included links to just a couple of online sellers below:

12V, 7AH, Lead Acid - 5.94" x 2.57" x 3.78" (L x W x H)



Make sure you purchase a battery with the correct terminal connectors

There are two terminal connections that will come with a 12V, 7AH rechargeable sealed lead-acid battery when purchased from a third-party retailer: F1 and F2.

  • The ION Audio Portable Audio products require the F2-type battery terminals, which are slightly larger than the F1-type terminals.
  • If you purchase a battery with the slimmer F1-type battery connection terminals, it may still be able to be used. As long as all the other specs of the battery are correct, you may be able to locate "F1 to F2 Step Up Adapters" at a third party retailer. These adapters slip over the slimmer F1 terminals and make them slightly wider, allowing for F2-type terminal connection cables to attach correctly.See the pictures below for a visual representation of the above information: 

      Explorer F2   Explorer F1   ion blockrocker battery replacement f1 f2 adapter




How to replace the battery in your ION Audio Explorer Outback

  1. IMPORTANT: First, disconnect all power cables, audio cables, and accessories. Make sure that the Explorer Outback is completely disconnected from any electrical power outlets.

    Ion ExploerOutback back

  2. The battery access panel is located on the back of the Explorer Outback. In order to remove the back panel cover, you will need to extend the rear handle.

    Explorer extend

  3. The battery access panel is secured by (6) 2.5mm HEX screws and (10) 3mm HEX screws. Remove all the screws which secure the panel and remove the panel cover. This will allow access to the battery compartment.

    RED - 2.5mm HEX screws
    YELLOW - 3mm HEX screws

    Ion ExploerOutback backextendscrews

  4. Next, pull the battery out to reveal the connection wires. Because of the design of the product, the battery is tightly secured and covered with tape to prevent any water damage. Tip: The battery may not come out easily. You can use a thin flat head screwdriver carefully to assist in removing the battery.

     Ion ExploerOutback backextendeduncoveredbattery

  5. Note how the terminals on the battery are connected. The red connector is connected to the red positive terminal. The other connector (usually blue or black) is connected to the black negative terminal.

    Ion ExploerOutback Battery2

  6. Disconnect the original battery by sliding off the wires connected to each terminal. Re-connect the new battery in the same manner (see note above). Note: The replacement battery must be connected the same way. Failure to connect to the correct terminals could result in damage to your product.

    Ion ExploerOutback Battery1

  7. Insert the new battery into the battery compartment in the same position as the old battery. Replace the battery and screws to complete the process. Enjoy!

    Note: You may want to plug in the battery to charge once it's installed to ensure it is charged fully before using. 



How to get the longest life out of a Lead-Acid battery

Rechargeable lead-acid batteries are the same type used in automobiles. As with your car battery, how you use this battery has a significant impact on its lifespan. For example, if you forget to turn off your car's lights and drain the battery, a jump start may work a few times. But after a few full discharges, even a jump won't help, and the battery will need to be replaced. With proper use and treatment, a lead-acid battery can last for years. Here are some recommendations for getting the longest life from the internal battery:

Tips for using your battery

  • Fully charge the battery before using it.
  • For maximum life, drain the battery 80% once a month.
  • Charge the battery completely after each use.
  • Avoid completely draining the battery.


Tips for storing your battery

  • Avoid storing in high temperatures and moist places.
  • For long-term storage, periodically recharge the battery.
  • If you do not charge the battery for six months, it may not charge.


How to dispose of a Lead-Acid battery

  • Bring the unit to a recycling center or dispose of in accordance with local ordinances.



Further Technical Support

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