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The MPK Mini MKII is an ultra-compact keyboard controller designed for the travelling musician and the desktop producer. If you just picked up on one of these handy controllers, you may be wondering: what do I do next? This article will assist you in understanding what you received with the purchase of your MPK Mini MKII and how to get started! akai mpkmini mkii main


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How Do I Obtain the Included Content?

In order to obtain the content that is included with the purchase of your MPK Mini MKII, you will need to register this product on All of the included downloads and authorization codes will be inside of your Akai account upon successful registration of your Akai hardware! 

Click here to create an Akai account. 

After you have created an Akai account, you will want to register your MPK Mini MKII. 

When registering your MPK Mini MKII, you will want to make sure that you are entering your serial number exactly as it appears on your MPK Mini MKII, or the Akai website will not accept it. The serial number of your MPK Mini MKII can be found on the bottom of the hardware and it starts with (21).

For example, when you enter your serial number into the website, it must look like this to start:


After your product has been successfully registered, you are ready to get started! 


What should I download first? 

After you have successfully registered your MPK Mini MKII, you will find that there are quite a few things in your Akai account to download.

For the sake of this guide, we will begin by downloading and installing MPC Essentials, Hybrid, Wobble. You will also want to install the iLok license manager, which is not listed in your Akai account but can be installed from iLok's website. 

Click here to install iLok. 

These 4 programs are perfect for getting started with your MPK Mini MKII! The reason that these are the programs we will start with, is because they will provide you with a workspace and some sounds for your MPK Mini MKII!


What is MPC Essentials? 

MPC Essentials is going to serve as your workstation, or your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). You will hear and see the phrase DAW quite frequently when working with electronic music.

MPC Essentials is a program that can be run as a stand-alone application, or as a plugin. To get started, you will want to run this program as a stand-alone software, as you will load programs like Hybrid and Wobble into MPC Essentials! 

As you advance, you will find that you might want to run MPC Essentials as a plugin, or VST inside of another DAW. 


What are Hybrid and Wobble? 

Hybrid and Wobble are both plugins or VSTs. These are virtual instruments that you can assign to your MPK Mini MKII.

Both Hybrid and Wobble, like many plugins, cannot run on their own. These applications must be loaded into MPC Essentials so that they can be used with your MPK Mini MKII! 

Each time you purchase a new plugin or VST, you will have to scan those programs into your DAW so that it is able to load them and assign them to your programs!

For more information on loading Hybrid and Wobble into MPC Essentials, click here


What is iLok? 

iLok is a license manager. This application will tell your software and computer that you own the programs that you are working with. 

The iLok license manager is a free application that you should install from iLok's website directly. This program will store your licenses for you so that you can use programs like Hybrid and Wobble! Most VSTs will come with authorization codes, for Hybrid and Wobble, you will find the authorization codes in your Akai account.

All authorization codes should be entered into the iLok license manager. This application will house all of your codes and even allow you to manage them so that if you get a new computer, you can use your programs on that computer as well! Hybrid and Wobble come with 1 authorization code, but this has two activations, so it can be used on 2 computers simultaneously.

To recap, MPC Essentials is your workstation and Hybrid and Wobble are your sounds! iLok is the manager for your authorizations codes, it will show your computer that you do own these programs so that you can use them to create!

Now that you have MPC Essentials, Hybrid, Wobble and iLok installed, you are ready to get started! Check out this article for further assistance with this setup.



What are the Essential Sound Packs? 

You might have just setup MPC Essentials with Hybrid and Wobble and you are now wondering what the rest of the content in your Akai account is for.

If you already have MPC Essentials installed and setup with Hybrid and Wobble, the next thing you may want to install are the MPC Essential Sound Content. 

In your account, you will have the following titles to download:

  • MPC Essentials Sound Content - Elements of UK Dance
  • MPC Essentials Sound Content - Elements of House
  • MPC Essentials Sound Content - Elements of Dystopia 


These titles are known as 'Expansion Packs' and they can be used with MPC Essentials! Like Hybrid and Wobble, these are not standalone programs, they must be run inside of your DAW. 

Expansion packs are easy to load into MPC Essentials! Simply download them, restart MPC Essentials and when you relaunch them, they should be accessible through the browser of MPC Essentials! 

This article will assist you with understanding how the browser works and how to use these plugins! 


What is VIP 3.0? 

In your Akai account, you will see a promotional offer for VIP 3.0. While VIP is not a DAW, it is a program that can be run as a standalone application, or as a VST! The creativity is endless.

VIP 3.0 is a plugin manager and will allow you to control your VSTs for use with multiple keyboards! VIP 3.0 is a very versatile software where you can search effects by type and audition across multiple plugins with a single click, Access, edit and mix up to 8 virtual instruments at one time in a Multi and even play chord progressions using a VIP-enabled keyboard controller's pads.


Click here for a walkthrough on redeeming your promotional offer of VIP 3.0 from with your Akai account!

Plugin Boutique put together some excellent tutorial videos for getting started with VIP 3.0! 

  1. Software Overview and Features.
  2. Key, Scale & Chord Control Tutorial.
  3. Multi-Instruments, FX and Browser Tutorial.



What is the MPK Mini MKII Editor? 

The MPK Mini MKII Editor is essential for creating presets, or programs for your MPK Mini MKII! These programs will allow you to use this controller in multiple DAWs, or with different VSTs!

In the following article, we break down the MPK Editor and show you how to use the editor. 


What is the MPK Mini MKII Firmware Update? 

The firmware update v0.2.1 is an update to the MPK Mini MKII. In most instances, downloading this title is not necessary. Firmware updates are released to resolve bug fixes for different hardware, so you do not need to install this firmware update unless you are having troubles with your MPK Mini sending MIDI clock data, or changing octaves.

If you download the MPK Mini MKII Firmware update v0.2.1, you will find an instruction guide in the download that will explain how to install the firmware and what exactly this firmware update is for.


Further Technical Support 


Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own an Akai Pro product, or if you just have pre-sales questions, the Akai Pro technical support team is available to help!

Visit the link below to connect with any of the following support options: online community support, phone support, email support.





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