Alesis HD24 - Updating the OS

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alesis hd24 main3This guide covers how to check your current Alesis HD24 operating system, as well as the proper procedure for updating using MIDI or Ethernet.



Table of Contents

  1. Download the Latest OS
  2. Knowing when to Update the OS
  3. What OS Is Installed on My HD24?
  4. Updating the OS
  5. Technical Support


Download the latest OS

To obtain the latest OS for your HD24, visit the product page and select the Docs and Downloads tab.


Knowing When to Update the OS

There are two reset operations that will solve any virtually any non-hardware related issue. Try these before considering reloading the firmware or having the unit serviced.

  • Software Reset: Power up the unit while holding down the Play and Record buttons.
  • Hardware Reset: Power up the unit while holding down the 9 and 20 buttons.

What OS is installed on my HD24?

  1. Press UTILITY repeatedly until Util15:Sys info is displayed on the screen
  2. Now press the YES (up arrow) button once. The currently installed OS will be displayed on the scree. For example: OS Ver: 1.20

Having the latest OS is important, especially when information is being swapped between multiple HD24 units, or to ensure compatibility with Alesis Fireport. Hard drives containing songs and projects recorded on an HD24 using and older OS will not be recognized by the Alesis Fireport or the FST connect software that comes with it. The current OS uses a slightly different files system than older OS versions. If a drive containing Songs and Projects recorded on an HD24 using an older OS is inserted into an HD24 with the latest OS, the HD24 will offer to update the drive's file system. The file system update will allow compatibility with the new OS. While no data will be lost, once the drive is updated, it will work if returned to an HD24 with an older OS.


Updating the OS

The Operating System can be updated either via MIDI or Ethernet. Alesis strongly recommends updating via Ethernet.

Updating via MIDI requires a computer with a MIDI interface, and software capable of transmitting MIDI SysEx files. It's important to note that if the update via MIDI fails to complete, the HD24 will be unusable until a successful update via MIDI can be completed.

This risk is not present when updating via Ethernet. For this reason, updating via Ethernet is preferred. If the update fails, the process will be safely aborted, with no ill affects to the HD24 and you can simply try again.


Updating the Alesis HD24 via MIDI

You will need to download and install a SysEx program to send the OS to your machine.

Mac OSX 


  1. Connect the MIDI output of your computer or USB MIDI interface to the MIDI IN of the HD24
  2. Press the MIDI button until your reach page 3.
  3. Press the Yes(^) button. The display will read: "Completely Erase Old Code? Y/N"
  4. Press the Yes(^) button. The HD24's display will read : "Waiting for Software".
  5. Start sending software from the source device (computer, HD24, etc.) This process takes around 9 minutes over MIDI.


Updating the Alesis HD24 via Ethernet

First reinitialize the HD24 by powering up while holding down the Play and Record buttons. Then the latest HD24 1.21 update can be downloaded at .

When connecting your HD24 to your Windows PC's Ethernet port, you need to use a crossover cable. This looks the same as a regular Ethernet cable, but has a different internal wiring.  A crossover cable will often have 'crossover' printed repeatedly along the length of the cable's vinyl jacket.  This is not a typical cable for most people to own, and is usually purchased for a specific application or purpose.  You can easily find these specialized cables at online retailers such as by searching ethernet crossover cable.

Note: connecting to a Macintosh uses a normal Ethernet cable. Also, avoid using a hub as this may make it harder to connect. Here is a update procedure for Windows:

IMPORTANT: only attempt to update via ethernet by connecting your HD24 directly to your computer's ethernet port.  Do not attempt through a router or any intermediate device. 


  1. Go to and download a free FTP client for the OS of the computer you will be using and install it, such as FTP Surfer.
  2. Go to the Alesis download site and download and unzip the updated HD24 version 1.21 software.
  3. On your computer, go to the Start Menu, then Control Panel.
  4. Double-click on Network Connection.
  5. Double-click on your Ethernet Connection, click on Properties and ensure Internet Protocol(TCP/IP) is present and checked. If not, then you must install it manually by clicking the Install tab.
  6. Double-click on Internet Protocol(TCP/IP) and choose Use this IP Address. Enter in the following.

    IP Address -
    SubNet Mask -
    Default Gateway -

  7. Close all windows.
  8. Hook up an Ethernet cable from your computer to the HD24 and place the HD24 into FTP server mode from the front panel assembly Utility menu.
  9. Open the FTP program your computer. you will be asked what you want your home page to be, type the IP address of the HD24
  10. Ensure both user and and password are "anonymous" in your FTP program.
  11. Once connected to the HD24, drag and drop the new OS. The program will ask you if you want to replace the old version. Answer Yes and follow the onscreen steps to complete the upgrade.


Further Technical Assistance

Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own an Alesis product, or if you just have pre-sales questions, the Alesis technical support team is available to help!

Visit the link below to connect with any of the following support options: online community support, phone support, email support.


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