Alesis GuitarLink Wireless - Frequently Asked Questions

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alesis guitarlink wireless mainSet yourself free with the Alesis GuitarLink Wireless system! Compact, clear sounding, and easy to use, GuitarLink Wireless provides unrestricted action as you move about the stage with your guitar or bass. The unique receiver is battery powered, and small enough to sit anywhere—, even in your pedalboard! This article walks through some Frequently Asked Questions about the Alesis GuitarLink Wireless system.




What is the maximum range I can travel away from the receiver base?

For lowest latency and best possible quality, it is recommended to keep the transmitter and receiver within a 60-foot range.

How is the GuitarLink Wireless powered?

The Receiver, and the Transmitter are both powered by 2 AAA batteries. The receiver can also be powered by connecting the included 5V, 1A, center-pin positive power adapter to a wall socket. 

Can I use the GuitarLink Wireless with other instruments such as a keyboard?

Yes, any instrument with a 1/4" mono audio output will work with the GuitarLink Wireless system.

How do you pair or sync the Transmitter to the Receiver?

The pairing process is very straight forward. After turning on both the Transmitter and Receiver, press the pair button on each unit and they will be paired. During the pairing process, the blue LED light on each unit will be flashing. When the units have successfully paired, the blue LED light on each unit will be lit solid. The GuitarLink Wireless will continue to remember the paired transmitter and receiver the next time you power them on.

Can I pair multiple instruments or transmitters to one receiver?

No, the GuitarLink Wireless system is for one guitar. However, you can use multiple systems with multiple instruments in the same session. Each instrument will require its own GuitarLink Wireless receiver, and transmitter. 

Does the Alesis GuitarLink Wireless use Bluetooth technology to pair?

No, the GuitarLink Wireless does not use Bluetooth. It operates on the 2.4 GHz frequency spectrum.


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