Alesis Elevate 5 - Frequently Asked Questions

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alesis elevate5 main3Alesis Elevate 5 studio speakers enable you to listen to mixes, masters and multimedia content with impressive clarity and warm, full sound. Built using technology adopted from Alesis’ award-winning Monitor One and M1Active professional studio monitors, Elevate 5 studio speakers are the perfect way to upgrade your computer or mobile device experience. This article answers some frequently asked questions about the Alesis Elevate 5 powered desktop studio speakers.


Frequently Asked Questions


What size are the speakers in the Elevate 5 monitors?

The Elevate 5 monitors have a 5" low-frequency driver and a 1" high-frequency driver with a silk dome.

What sort of input connections do the Elevate 5 monitors have?

The Elevate 5 monitors have both RCA and 1/4" audio inputs.

Are they powered or passive monitors?

Elevate 5 consists of one powered monitor and one passive monitor. The passive monitor is powered by the powered monitor.

Are the 1/4" inputs balanced?

The 1/4" audio inputs will accept either a 1/4" balanced or 1/4" unbalanced TS.

How many watts are the Elevate 5 monitors?

The output power rating of the monitors is a total of 40W.  The output power rating of each Elevate 5 monitor is 20W.

Why is there sometimes slight delay at the beginning of my audio playback?

The Elevate 5 monitors feature a built-in standby (low-power) mode.  The speakers will automatically go into this standby mode when not in use for 30 minutes or longer.  When the Elevate 5 speakers detect an incoming audio signal, they will automatically come out of standby mode and become active again. There will be a momentary delay of audio when the monitors wake up from standby mode.

The Elevate 5 speakers will not enter standby mode again until they are left unused for 30 minutes or longer. The blue LED light on the front panel of the right speaker will remain lit, even when they are in standby mode. 

Can these speakers be used in other countries?

Yes! The Alesis Elevate 5 speakers have an auto switching internal power supply between 100-240V and uses an IEC power cable. To use the monitors in a country with a different power supply that falls between 100-240V, simply obtain a standard IEC cable that connects to the wall input type in the country that you want to use them.

Technical Support & Warranty Service

Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own an Alesis product, or if you just have pre-sales questions, the experienced Alesis technical support team is available to help!

Visit the link below to connect with any of the following support options: online community support, phone support, email support.





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