Alesis VX49 - Frequently Asked Questions

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alesis vx49 mainWith the Alesis VX49 USB/MIDI controller keyboard, you can load up your favorite VST software synthesizers, samplers and drum machines as if you were working on a standalone keyboard workstation. The included VIP software scans your instrument plug-ins, indexes all of their presets, maps out the controls, and allows you to switch sounds and tweak parameters on the fly, without ever touching your mouse.  The Alesis VX49 is your ideal controller for production and performance.


Frequently Asked Questions 


What software does the Alesis VX49 come with?

The Alesis VX49 keyboard comes with the VIP software and the driver for Windows and Mac computers. The VX49 also comes with the SONiVOX Eighty Eight Ensemble, which is a great recreation of the Steinway 9-foot CD 327 grand piano as a plugin! 

How do you obtain the included software?

You can obtain the included software for the Alesis VX49 by registering the product on the Alesis website.  Here you can create your account, and then register your keyboard to have immediate access to your software downloads.  The page will look like the picture shown below.  You can also use the included software download card and type the link in your web browser to obtain the software download.

  alesis vx49 reg

Does the Alesis VX49 need a power supply in order to work?

The Alesis VX49 does not need a power supply in order to work and receives power from the included USB cable.  If you are going to use this keyboard with an external midi controller, you can obtain the optional (UL 9V DC 500mA, Pin Positive 110V) power supply by calling into our support line at 401.658.3131.  Or you can access our online support at

Do I need to install drivers for the Alesis VX49 to work on my PC/MAC?

Yes, if you are going to be using this with the included VIP software.  The driver can be found in your Alesis account when you register it here.  If you are not going to use the Alesis VX49 with the VIP software it will work as a class compliant midi controller with your software. 

Does the VX49 have pre-programmed sounds?

This does not have any built in sounds. It needs to be connected to a computer to be used with software that generates sound. 

Is the manual available online for the VX49?

Yes it is!  It can be found at this link.  

What is the ROLL function on the VX49?

Press the ROLL button to activate or deactivate Roll Mode.  While Roll is active, striking a pad causes its note to retrigger at a rate based on the current Tempo and Time Division settings. You can also sync Roll to an internal or external MIDI Clock source. Pressing Shift and Roll will open up the configuration menu for Roll’s settings.

What is the difference between the Roll function and Arpeggiator?

The Roll function is going to repeat the note or hit over and over, while the Arpeggiator will repeat and apply a pattern of other notes with it depending on the selection of arpeggiation you choose.  Also, if you choose the Latch feature while using the arpegiator, it will continue the pattern even after you let go of the keys.  You can even add in new notes and alter the pattern while in Latch mode by pressing more keys while the pattern in looping.



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