Alesis Coda - Frequently Asked Questions

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alesis coda mainThe Alesis Coda is a full-featured semi-weighted 88-key digital piano that has the versatility and rich sound you’re looking for. It is the perfect solution for any situation where a full-size keyboard is needed, but where portability and affordability are also important. This guide walks through some frequently asked questions about the Alesis Coda.


Frequently Asked Questions


How many built in voices are included?

The Alesis Coda comes with 20 exclusive built-in voices from industry-leading virtual instrument developers AIR Music Technology and SONiVOX.

Can I split my keyboard with multiple voices?

Yes. The Coda has the ability to directly split the keyboard with one lower voice, and one upper voice, or you can also layer two voices across the keyboard simultaneously.

How many play along songs?

The Alesis Coda has 60 play along songs and the ability to record your own with the User Record mode.

Are the keys weighted?

The Alesis Coda has 88 semi-weighted keys while the Coda Pro has 88 fully weighted keys.

Does this digital keyboard include effects?

The Coda has a built-in DSP with adjustable EQ, Reverb, and Chorus FX.

Is the sustain pedal included?

Yes! The Alesis Coda comes with its own sustain pedal.

What type of MIDI connections are included?

The Coda is fully equipped with USB-MIDI and 5-pin DIN MIDI outputs.

Can I connect an auxiliary device?

Absolutely! The Coda is built with a stereo ¼” Aux input for playing along with external equipment such as a CD player or mobile device.


What type of stand should I use?

The Coda Piano Stand is available as an accessory. The Stand connects to the Coda with just a single cable and adds three-pedal functionality: Soft, Sostenuto and Sustain. Its genuine wood finish adds a classic touch to any setting.

How much does this keyboard weigh?

The Coda is 24 pounds, which makes it very compact and portable for even student players.


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