Alesis TransActive 400 - Frequently Asked Questions

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alesis ta400 main3The Alesis TransActive 400 is a powerful amplifier solution for the modern electronic drummer. This high-quality wedge amplifier was designed specifically for performing, rehearsing, and recording with electronic drum kits. With premium audio components, the TransActive 400 provides plenty of power to keep up with any band.  This article walks through a number of frequently asked questions about the Alesis TransActive 400.


Frequently Asked Questions




What type of input and output connections does the TransActive 400 have?

The TransActive 400 has an input and output panel on the back of the unit with the following connections:

  • (1) Pair of stereo 1/4" inputs (LEFT and RIGHT)
  • (1) Pair of stereo RCA inputs
  • (1) Pair of stereo 1/4" outputs - to connect to any PA or recording gear
  • (1) Stereo 1/4" headphone output for private playing and rehearsing
  • (1) Stereo link for connecting two units together


Are there any EQ settings available on the TransActive 400?

Yes! The TransActive 400 has a 3-band on-board graphic equalizer allowing the adjustment of the BASS, MID, and TREBLE.


Can I link more than one TransActive 400 together?

Yes! You can link two TransActive 400 via the stereo link output on the back panel for a big, stereo sound that’ll shake the stage during live performances.

To use the link output you must use a TRS cable. There is a link output switch that dictates which signal is sent to the secondary speaker. If the first speaker's switch is set to Left then the secondary speaker would receive the right output signal and would need to be set to Right. If the first speaker's switch is set to Right then the secondary speaker would receive the left output signal and would need to be set to Left. If the switch is set to Off, the Link Output will be disabled.


Can the TransActive 400 be used in a live setting?

Yes! The Transactive’s true bi-amped design and 400 Watts of peak power ensure that your electronic drum kit sounds clear, loud, and punchy. The angled front panel is ideal for seated playing and provides excellent sound projection. With TransActive 400, you'll be ready for your next gig–no matter where it takes you. It comes built with a protective metal grill, robust wooden exterior, and rubber feet for powerful drum sound in a durable design. If more sound and a stereo signal is needed, using the link output will allow you to add a second TransActive 400 to your live performance for a big stereo sound!


What kind of audio sources can be connected to the TransActive 400?

The TransActive 400 can be used with any line in device using the RCA input. This includes mobile devices, tablets, and other mp3 players.


"I am not getting sound. Why not?"

It is important to be aware that the headphone jack that automatically mutes the main outputs. Ensure you do not have headphones connected if you are not getting audio from the Main Outputs. If you are using the link output remember to make sure you are using a TRS cable. If you do not use a TRS cable you will not get any audio output from the link output. Also make sure that the Link Output switch is set to either the left or right setting.


What type of power supply does the TransActive 400 use?

The TransActive 400 uses a standard IEC cable.


What is the weight and dimensions of the TransActive 400?

The TransActive 400 weighs about 38 lbs and the dimensions are 19.9" x 16.6" x 19.9" (H x W x D).


What is the peak and continuous wattage for the TransActive 400?

The peak wattage is 400 watts while the continuous wattage for the TransActive 400 is 200 watts.


Is the TransActive bi-amped?

 Yes! the TransActive 400 has a true bi-amped design with dedicated power to the high and low drivers.


What is the size of the low frequency transducer?

The TransActive 400 contains a 12" low-frequency transducer.


What is the size of the high frequency compression driver?

The TransActive 400 contains a 1" high-frequency compression driver.



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