So you just bought an MPC Studio/Renaissance. Now what?

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akai mpc all main blackFusing Akai Professional's legendary MPC layout and workflow with the power of your computer, MPC Renaissance and MPC Studio are the unrivaled instruments for music production. If you just purchased one of these productions beasts, you may be wondering: what do I do next? Look no further! This guide compiles all the best articles and tutorials to help you get completely up and running with your new MPC and take your productions to the next level.



  1. Register the product, download and install the included software
  2. Learning the basics functions and common terms of MPC Software
  3. Plugin Setup
  4. Sampling and Chopping Samples
  5. Setup with a MIDI Keyboard or other controller
  6. DAW Setup Assistance
  7. MPC University and other Video Tutorials
  8. More Guides and Tutorials
  9. Further Technical Support



Register the product download and install the included software

The first thing you want to do is register the product. Some MPC products still come with an installation disc, however, you can skip the CD installation and go directly to register your product. After registering your product successfully, you will have access to the latest software downloads available. Click on the link below for a full step-by-step walkthrough on how to go about registering and downloading all of the software needed to get started.

Most installation or unlock issues can be resolved easily and on your own. So, if you get stuck, make sure to check out our troubleshooting guide here!



Learning the basic functions and common terms of MPC Software

When learning anything new, there will always be certain terms that you will not understand right away. We have gathered a few helpful guides that explain common terms and basic functions of the MPC Software. This is the stuff you'll want to know before you can be truly successful with your MPC.



Plugin Setup

Now that you have downloaded and installed the software, it's time to set up your plugins. Just like any DAW, you will need to scan for your plugins before you can actually use them. The link below will help you with the scanning process.



Sampling and Chopping Samples

One of the most popular features of the MPC is Sampling. Sampling and chopping samples with the MPC gives you maximum control over your samples. To get started, here is a video from MPC University that walks through sampling and chopping: samples.


For more tutorials on sampling and editing with MPC, check out the guides below:



Setup with a MIDI Keyboard or other controller

There are many reasons you would want to add a MIDI Keyboard or other controller to your MPC setup. Setting up a MIDI controller in MPC Software is much easier than it sounds. Check out the following guide for an easy setup with a MIDI controller.



DAW Setup Assistance

One of the awesome features about the MPC software is that it can be used as a plugin within your DAW. No more messing around with exporting/importing audio files, or syncing up the standalone applications. MPC will follow the grid in your DAW and audio can be easily routed from your tracks in MPC, directly out to tracks in your DAW.

Click your DAW below for information on how to use MPC Software as a plugin.



MPC University and other Video Tutorials

MPC University will be your best friend when you are just getting started with your new MPC. Here is a playlist of helpful videos that walk through the most common aspects of using the MPC Software.

For more video tutorials, see our knowledge base article below:



More Guides and Tutorials

Learning any new instrument will take some time, energy, and a little help from some knowledgeable professionals. There are so many guides, tutorials, articles, and videos out there that will teach you how to use your MPC, that finding the right path can be daunting.

To help you find the good stuff, we've organized all of the best tutorials into the guide below:

 Some of these are free videos and walkthrough guides while others are comprehensive paid-for classes and video series. With a little practice and the right guides, you'll be a pro in no time! 



Further Technical Support

Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own an Akai Pro product, or if you just have pre-sales questions, the experienced Akai Pro technical support team is available to help!

Visit the link below to connect with any of the following support options: online community support, phone support, email support. 



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