Akai Pro Advance Series - Creating and Adjusting Keyboard Splits

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akai advance main 3Akai Professional’s Advance Keyboards are like nothing else you've ever played. The Advance controller gives you unprecedented playability and unrestricted manipulation of any virtual instrument with an exclusive interactive, full-color display, complemented by performance-friendly hardware controls. This article and video walks through how to create and adjust keyboard splits both from the VIP software and directly from the Akai Pro Advance controller.





Creating a Keyboard Split From the Advance hardware controller:

  1. Choose your Multi and then open the Multi window on the Advance display screen by pressing the MULTI button.

    akai advance split1

  2. Use the value dial to highlight the Multi channel key range that you want to adjust and then press in the Value Dial to select it and view the individual parameters of that Multi channel.

    akai advance split2

  3. Use the arrow keys to highlight the Lo Key or Hi Key key range.  Use the Value dial to adjust the minimum and maximum values of the key range for your Multi channel.

    akai advance split3

  4. Press in the Value dial to go back to the Multi channel window.  Use the Value dial to select any remaining Multi channels that you want to adjust and repeat the steps above for each channel.

    akai advance split4


Creating a Keyboard Split From the VIP software:

  1. Choose a Multi and then open the Multi panel by clicking on the Multi panel icon.

    akai vip split1

  2. For each channel of the Multi mixer, there is a key range section.  Click in one of the range boxes to un-hide the piano panel.  The range for the currently selected Multi channel will be highlighted.

    akai vip split2

    akai vip split3

  3. There are two ways to adjust the key range for an individual Multi channel.

    1. Click-and-drag either end of the highlighted range in the piano panel to your preference.

      akai vip split5

    2. Click-and-drag the Low  or High key range slot boxes up or down to adjust the minimum or maximum key range value.

      akai vip split6

  4. Adjust each Multi channel to your desired key range.

    akai vip split7



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