Akai Pro Advance Series - Creating and Using Setlists

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akai advance main 3The Virtual Instrument Player (VIP) software application allows you to control your entire VSTi library from one application. A Setlist allows users to order their patches in a “set” for quick selection when playing live or just stepping through a list of favorite patches.  This article and video walks through creating and accessing setlists in the VIP software.






A Setlist must be created and built in the VIP software, but once your Setlists are created, you can access all of your Setlists and individual patches in the Setlist directly from the Advance controller.

Creating a Setlist in the VIP software

  1. Click on SETLIST.

    akai vip setlist1

  2. Next, click on the "plus (+)" button next to NEW SETLIST and name your new Setlist.

    akai vip setlist2

  3. Click on BROWSER and locate the patch you want to add to your Setlist.  Click on the patch to load it, then right-click the patch.  In the drop-down menu that appears, scroll over Add to setlist and then choose the setlist you want to add the patch to.

    akai vip setlist3

  4. At the top of the VIP window, click on SETLIST.  You will notice the patch you chose has been added.  

    akai vip setlist6

  5. In this window, you can also drag any patch of choice directly from the left column to a new spot in your setlist.

    akai vip setlist4


Access Setlists from the Advance MIDI Controller

  1. Press the MAIN button to return to the main screen.

  2. Use the Arrow keys to highlight the Setlist box in the upper-right of the display screen.

    akai vip advance setlist1

  3. Use the Value dial to choose your Setlist and then use the down Arrow key to access the individual patches in the Setlist.  

    akai vip advance setlist2

  4. To load a patch, press the Value dial in.

    akai vip advance setlist3


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