Akai Pro Advance Series - Creating and Using Multis

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akai advance main 3The Virtual Instrument Player (VIP) software application allows you to control your entire VSTi library from one application.  A Multi is a user-created patch that allows the user to layer up to eight patches into a single "Multi" patch which can then be mixed, panned, soloed, muted, and set to keyboard ranges/splits.  This article and video walks through how to create and adjust a Multi.






Creating a Multi

There are two ways to create a Multi - from the Advance MIDI controller itself and from within the VIP software.


From the Advance MIDI controller

  1. Press the BROWSER button. Use the Value Dial and Arrow keys to choose a patch.  Press in the Value Dial to load the patch of choice.  This automatically loads to Slot 1.

    akai vipadvance multi1

  2. To add a second patch to your Multi, use the Up Arrow and Right Arrow buttons to highlight the Slot (S1) area in the upper right corner of the display window. 

    akai vipadvance multi2

  3. Turn the Value Dial to change to Slot 2 (S2), then press in the Value Dial to select it.

    akai vipadvance multi3

  4. Use the Arrow keys and Value Dial to select a second patch as described in step 1.

  5. Repeat the steps above to add up to 8 different patches to your Multi.


From the VIP software

  1. Click on Browser.  Choose your preferred VST plugin and/or tags and click on your preferred patch in the left column to load it to Slot 1.

    akai vip multi1

  2. If you like, clear your current Tag selection by clicking on the circular arrow button in the upper right corner of the VIP software to clear all current tag selections.  

    akai vip multi2

  3. Now click on the preferred plugin or tags to locate the second sound of choice for your Multi.  Click and drag the new patch to Slot 2.

    akai vip multi3

  4. Repeat the steps above to add up to 8 different patches to your Multi.


Additional Resources

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