Akai Pro EIE Pro and the Alesis 3632 - Using Insert Points

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akai eie pro mainThis article shows you how to connect a piece of outboard equipment to an Insert port on your mixer or audio interface.



1/4" Insert points allow you to insert an extra piece of analog equipment after the preamp and before any additional processing or analog to digital converters.

An Insert cable is 1/4" TRS on one end, and splits to two 1/4" TS cables on the other end.  The end labeled 'Tip' connects to the input on your outboard equipment.  The end labeled 'Ring' connects to the output on your outboard equipment.  The TRS end connects to the 'Insert' port on your mixer or audio interface.

Audio will pass directly from the preamp to your outboard equipment and back again.  In this example, we use a condenser mic connected to input 1 on the Akai EIE Pro USB audio interface.  

Channel 1 Gain is set to 3 o'clock; the Mic/Line/Guitar switch set to 'Mic/Line'; 48V Power 'ON' (only required for condenser Mics); Meter Selection set to '1/2'; Volume set to noon, and the Monitor knob set to 'OUT'.

On the Alesis 3632 Compressor, Gate Threshold is set to 'OFF'; Compressor Threshold set to '-10', Ratio set to '4:1', A fast attack, and a moderate release.



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