AIR Transfuser 2 - Assigning Tracks To Output Busses In Pro Tools 10 and 11

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air transfuser main3AIR Transfuser 2 is a powerful groove creation tool included in the AIR Instrument Expansion Pack for Pro Tools 10 & 11. This guide walks through bussing your Transfuser 2 tracks out to their own Aux tracks in Pro Tools for further production and mixing flexibility.






Assigning Tracks To Output Busses In Pro Tools

  1. In order for Transfuser 2 to send audio to its output busses, OPTIONAL AUX OUTS must be enabled in the settings menu. To access the settings menu, click on the wrench icon to the far right of the Transfuser 2 title bar.

    air transfuser bussing tracks 01

  2. In the lower right hand corner of the settings menu, turn OPTIONAL AUX OUTS ON.

    air transfuser bussing tracks 02

    Without this setting enabled there will be no audio sent from Transfuser 2 except to its main output. If you find yourself assigning output busses and not getting any signal, double check this setting.

  3. Each track in Transfuser 2 has an assignable Output Bus.

    air transfuser bussing tracks 03

    By default, this is set to MAIN. There are 8 other available Output Busses as well as a CUE Bus. You are also able to turn the output of each track OFF.

    air transfuser bussing tracks 04

  4. In Pro Tools, create some Stereo Aux Tracks. 

    air transfuser bussing tracks 05

  5. Set the Input of the Aux Tracks to receive from any of Transfuser 2's Output Busses.

    air transfuser bussing tracks 06



Further Technical Support

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