AIR Music Tech - Relocating the Transfuser Factory Content (Windows)

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air transfuser main3This guide will show you how to move the Transfuser 2 factory content to a desired location specified by you.

  1. Load the Transfuser Plugin.

  2. Click the wrench icon to display Transfuser settings.

    AIR Transfuser Content 001

  3. Double click in the Content Location window.

    AIR Transfuser Content 002

  4. Select, and copy the entire location. ex. C:/Program Files (x86)/AIR Music Technology/Transfuser/

  5. Open My Documents and paste the folder location into top search bar. Alternatively you can navigate to this folder. Move the Transfuser Content V2.big file to your desired location.

    AIR Transfuser Content 003

  6. Once the file has been moved, click the yellow down arrow to select the new directory. 

    AIR Transfuser Content 004

  7. Find the folder you moved your Transfuser Content V2.big file to, and click Choose

    AIR Transfuser Content 006

  8. Restart the Transfuser plugin for the change to take effect. 



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