How to Setup a MIDI Keyboard in Mixcraft 6

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Mixcraft 6 is a powerful music production and multi-track recording workstation that comes packed with thousands of music loops and dozens of audio effects and virtual instruments. In this guide we cover the simple steps required to setup your MIDI keyboard and begin recording. We are using an M-Audio Keystation Mini 32, but these steps can be used with any MIDI device.

  1. Open your Mixcraft 6 Software.

    MIDI Mixcraft 12

  2. From the New Project window select Build Virtual Instrument Tracks.

    MIDI Mixcraft 2

  3. Click the down arrow on the Instrument Track panel.

  4. Find your MIDI device in the list and choose Receive MIDI from All Channels.

    MIDI Mixcraft 3

  5. Press any key on your MIDI keyboard, you should now hear the default piano instrument. 

  6. To change instrument, or load a plugin click the piano icon, and choose the desired instrument or plugin. 

    MIDI Mixcraft 4

    MIDI Mixcraft 5

  7. Once you have chosen your sound close this window. 

  8. To make timing and tempo adjustments, double click the Time/BPM Panel from the bottom of the project window.

    MIDI Mixcraft 6

    MIDI Mixcraft 7

  9. Turn on the Metronome for recording, and enable the count-in to ensure you stay on beat with your recording.

    MIDI Mixcraft 9

  10. Once you are ready to record click the record button from the bottom, and play your MIDI keyboard. 

    MIDI Mixcraft 10

  11. To add additional Instrument Tracks Click the +Track button above the first Instrument Track, or right click on a track and choose Insert

    MIDI Mixcraft 11

  12. That's it! Record your ideas and repeat the steps outlined above to add additional sounds, and tracks to your mix! 


For additional assistance with Mixcraft see the tutorial videos below.




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