DJ 101 - Virtual DJ MIDI Mapping

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numark vdj midimapping MIDIMappingVDJLogoVirtual DJ provides the user mapping capability to support almost any external MIDI controller today.  Virtual DJ uses its own action scripting called, “VDJScript”, when assigning the functionality of a MIDI controller.  This tutorial will demonstrate how to edit and assign controls from within the Virtual DJ software to a MIDI controller.


  • Mapper Tab Layout
  • MIDI Mapping Process
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  • Mapper Tab Layout

    numark vdj midimapping image001

    Connected Devices

    The top left drop-down shows the list of connected devices. Click on the down arrow of the drop-down and select the appropriate controller to access the controller’s assigned actions.

    numark vdj midimapping image003

    Keys and Assigned Actions

    Below the devices drop-down is a list of the keys for the controller and the action to be executed when that key is used. * Key is a term used to describe not only buttons, but also faders and knobs.

    numark vdj midimapping image004

    Mapper Options

    To the right of the Connected Devices drop-down, click on the button for accessing the various mapper options. 

    numark vdj midimapping image005

    Reset Defaults, Delete an Assigned Key, or Add a New Key Entry

    Below the list of assigned keys for the selected controller, are three buttons that provide access to these functions. The first button will reset the selected device to the original settings* when first installed. The second ‘Trash’ button will remove a selected key entry from the list. The last ‘Plus’ button will add a new entry to the list for assigning a key and action. 

    numark vdj midimapping image006

    MIDI Mapping Process

    1. Open your Virtual DJ software then click on the numark vdj midimapping image007 button.

    2. Ensure that the DJ has the latest version of the Virtual DJ software by clicking on the numark vdj midimapping image008 tab.

    3. After clicking on the numark vdj midimapping image008 tab, click on the numark vdj midimapping image009 button.  This will inform the DJ if he/she has the latest version installed.

    4. Next, click on the numark vdj midimapping image010 tab.

    5. Under the drop down menu, Select numark vdj midimapping image011 instead of “Keyboard”.

    6. Hit the “Key-Learn” button then either strike a key, hit a pad, move a slider or turn a knob to designate that key/button/slider or knob as a MIDI function. 

      numark vdj midimapping image012
    7. Now we need to designate that key/button/slider or knob to do something.  Under the “Action-Learn” feature, numark vdj midimapping image013 , scroll through the list below numark vdj midimapping image014 and select a function to designate that key/button/slider or knob as your MIDI function.

    8. The DJ must type in the action that they want that key/button/slider or knob to do within the “Action-Learn” box.

      numark vdj midimapping image015

    9. That’s it!  You have just mapped your controller!  To map more keys/buttons/sliders or knobs, highlight the {new} key then simply follow the step 6-8 and hit another key/button/slider or knob on your MIDI controller.  

      numark vdj midimapping image016

    Your Virtual DJ software will automatically save your settings.  Every time the DJ connects the mapped MIDI controller to their computer, it will automatically load up the previous saved settings for the DJ.  To learn more about the VDJScript, visit the Virtual DJ wiki at


    Numark Technical Support & Warranty Service

    Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own an Numark product, or if you just have pre-sales questions, the Numark technical support team is available to help!

    Visit the link below to connect with any of the following support options: online community support, phone support, email support.


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