DJ 101 - Utilizing & Controling FX In Multi FX Mode With Serato DJ

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numark serato multifxmode mainpicSerato DJ’s Multi FX Mode allows the DJ to easily control and apply extra creativity when using Serato's DJ FX.  This tutorial will show you how to apply effects and utilize them during your DJ performance.  When applying these effects, please refer to your DJ controller owners manual on how to execute them.  For more information on your controller, please log onto



Utilizing The Multi FX Mode

In Multi FX Mode, this feature allows the DJ to select up to three effects per FX Bank.  To select a different effect in your FX Bank, choose from the list by either using your DJ controller or mouse.

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The depth of each effect (amount of the actual effect being used) is controlled by each FX Depth Knob.  Refer to your controllers FX controls for more information.   

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Utilizing The Single FX Mode

In Single FX Mode, this mode will allow the DJ to select one effect in the FX bank on each deck.

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Single FX Mode has multiple parameters that can be adjusted for additional control.  The same FX that are available in Multi FX Mode are also available in Single FX Mode as well as additional effects and adjustments.

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Controlling FX In Multi FX Mode

The DJ can easily control all three FX at the same time on each deck within Serato DJ.  You can "chain" all three or two FX together on the same deck by pressing the ON button to the desired effect.  CHAINED FX means is that one effect feeds into the next effect which allows you to create your own unique effect sound.  

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The FX will SYNC to the BPM of the assigned deck which you can adjust using the BEAT MULTIPLIER or you can manually set the tempo by using the TAP button.

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 To change the CHANNEL ASSIGNMENT for the deck that you wish to apply an effect to, either click on the channel that you wish to assign or use your DJ controller to select your decks.

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 You can also assign both FX units to the same channel allowing you to use up six FX per channel.  Below, notice that all six FX are assigned to channel 1.

numark serato multifxmode image015v2


You can also assign each FX unit to the MASTER.  When you apply FX to your MASTER, the effects will be heard on all channels.  Also, as with most features, the FX features can be mapped to a MIDI controller.  For more information on mapping in Serato DJ with a MIDI controller, Click Here.

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