Backing up your Studio/DJ Computer

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other backup hd 1One of the most important parts of studio maintenance is backing up your studio computer. It's a simple and often overlooked step that can save you the pain and frustration of losing countless hours of valuable work and time. The time and money investment is minimal to establish a regular backup plan.


  1. Before you Begin
  2. Backup your Internal hard drive
  3. Backup your Audio drive

Before you Begin

Designate a time

Designate a consistent backup time. The more frequent the better. It can be once a week or every day at the end of the night.

External Hard drive

External hard drives have become very affordable over the past couple of years. Purchase a hard drive that is equal to or larger than the destination drive you would like to back up from.

Backup your Internal hard drive

Windows Backup

The built in Windows Backup Utility allows you to not only backup individual folders on your system to an external drive, but you can also make a full disk image backup as well.

  1. Launch Backup and Restore from your start menu.

    other backup winbackup 1

  2. In the window that appears, select Set up backup.

    other backup winbackup 2

  3. In the list that appears, select the external hard drive that you want to backup your internal hard drive to and click Next.

    other backup winbackup 3

  4. In the next dialog box, select your backup type.

    other backup winbackup 4

  5. The next screen will prompt you to select or de-select any additional folders that you may want to backup. You can also select to create a disc image.

    other backup winbackup 5

  6. Next, you will be prompted to review your choices. You can also set your backup schedule here if you would like to have your backup occur automatically.

    other backup winbackup 6

  7. Select to save and run your backup.

    other backup winbackup 8

Mac Backup

  1. Launch Disk Utility.

    other backup diskutility 1

  2. On the left hand side of Disk Utility select your internal Hard drive. This will be labeled as Macintosh HD.
  3. Select the Restore Tab.

    other backup diskutility 2

  4. Click and drag the destination disk to the Destination Field. This is where you want to back up your internal hard drive to.

    other backup diskutility 3

  5. Click the Restore button.

Backup your Audio drive

A good rule of thumb to follow is that something does not exist unless it is in 3 places. The procedure below will explain how to clone your Audio drive to another identical drive. Your clones should be placed in a different location so that they are safe in case of fire, theft, flooding, etc.


  1. Download the latest version of Microsoft SyncToy from the link below and install:
  2. On first launch your program screen will look like the one below. We need to define our backup action. Click the Create New Folder pair button at the bottom of the window.

    other backup synctoy 1

  3. In the Create New Folder Pair dialog box there will be a Left folder and Right folder dialog box. The Left folder is the location you will be backing up data FROM. The Right folder is the location that you will be backing up your data TO. Select the appropriate folder or drive to backup from for the Left folder. Then select the appropriate folder or drive to backup to for the Right folder.

    other backup synctoy 2

  4. In Step 2 you will be presented with 3 different synchronization options. For our purposes we will use the Echo option. A short description of what each does is included to the right.

    other backup synctoy 3

  5. In Step 3, name your backup.

    other backup synctoy 4

  6. In the main window your backup pair will be displayed. Beneath that will be a description of the action that is going to take place when you backup. Press the Run button to begin your backup.

    other backup synctoy 5


To clone your audio drive on a Mac you can follow the same procedure as outlined above. When selecting which drives to backup, be sure to select your audio drive as the Source and your audio clone drive as the Destination.




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