DJ 101 - MIDI Mapping In Serato DJ

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This tutorial walks through how to map a MIDI controller in Serato DJ.  This guide teaches how to map personal preferences, save them, and then load the saved settings into the Serato DJ software.





MIDI Mapping

First, connect a mappable MIDI controller to your computer, such as the Akai LPD8 to enable MIDI functionality in the software.  Next, select the MIDI button in the Serato DJ software.  



After selecting the MIDI button, you will notice that any mappable button in software will look like the example below.  Select a button in the software that you wish to map by clicking on the actual button.  



After selecting your button, press on the pad, knob or any other mappable control on your MIDI controller to map that desired button.  



When your button is mapped, you will notice the blue color below.  The blue color tells you that the button has just been mapped.



Now, try it out!  You will notice that whenever you use the mapped control, you will see it function in the software.



Saving And Loading Your Mappings

After you're done mapping your entire controller to the software, you can then save your MIDI preset so that your saved preset will load up again.  To utilize this feature, click on SETUP then the MIDI tab.  You will notice that the MIDI controller you have plugged into your computer will show up under MIDI DEVICES.



Next, click on the SAVE button under MIDI PRESET.  Serato DJ will prompt you to save changes, select YES.



You will have an option to name your MIDI PRESET



Enter the desired name then click on OK to save the MIDI PRESET.



After saving the MIDI PRESET, you will see it under MIDI PRESET.

NOTE: To load a previously saved MIDI PRESET, simply select the preset that you wish to load under MIDI PRESET and then click on LOAD.



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